Wikimedia Foundation board agenda 2017-08

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Meeting in Montreal, before Wikimania 2017[edit]

Day 1: August 9, 2017[edit]


  • Christophe will call the meeting to order.

Review of last year -- operational update

  • Katherine will give an update on the last year, including a regular information on the Wikimedia Foundation's operations.


Review of last year -- Board update

  • Christophe will provide an update on the Board's activities from the last year.

Executive session

  • The Board will hold an executive session and discussion as needed, including a discussion on Executive Compensation led by the Human Resources Committee.

Day 2: August 10, 2017[edit]


  • The Board will discuss the draft strategic direction.

Wikimédia France

  • Staff will provide an update from the site visit to Wikimédia France.

Resolution appointing community-selected Board members

  • The Board will consider appointing community-selected members based on the results of the summer 2017 election.

Electing and renewing officers, committee members, and Board liaisons

  • The Board will elect the Chair, Vice Chair, and other committee positions.

Setting annual Board goals

  • The Board will discuss goals for the upcoming year.

Planning the year ahead

  • The Board will discuss specific projects for Q1 and Q2, including Board recruitment, the governance review, the November retreat, and other topics.


  • The Board will consider approving the June 2017 minutes.

Committee updates

  • The chairs of the Governance, Human Resources, and Audit committees will provide an update from their committee, if appropriate. The liaisons for the Funds Dissemination Committee and Affiliations Committee may also provide an update.

Executive Session

  • The Board will hold an executive session and discussion as needed.