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This page is a translated version of the page Wikimedia Foundation elections/2017/Translation/SecurePoll and the translation is 23% complete.
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The following messages are to be used in the SecurePoll interface so that voters can vote in their own language as much as possible. Generic messages are already translated in the extension and so are not included here.

Intro for both elections

The default vote for all candidates is "neutral". Please indicate below which candidates you support or oppose. You do not have to enter a vote for all candidates.

You can return to change your votes any time while voting is open. All of your votes will be reset to "neutral" and you will have to re-enter any support or oppose votes.

Voting options

  • -1: Aurka
  • 0: Neutrala
  • +1: Alde

Board title and candidates

  • title: Wikimedia Fundazioko Zuzendaritza Batzordearen hauteskundeak 2017
  • chris: Chris Keating
  • milos: Milos Rancic
  • dariusz: Dariusz Jemielniak
  • james: James Heilman
  • abbad: Abbad Diraneyya
  • maria: María Sefidari
  • peter: Peter Gallert
  • yuri: Yuri Astrakhan
  • abel: Abel Lifaefi Mbula

FDC candidates and titles

  • title: Wikimedia Foundation Funds Dissemination Committee Elections 2017
  • fdcquest: Funds Dissemination Committee Election 2017 (five positions available)
  • ombudsquest: Funds Dissemination Committee Ombudsperson Election 2017 (one position available)
  • Osmar: Osmar Valdebenito
  • Liam: Liam Wyatt
  • Nurunnaby: Nurunnaby Chowdhury
  • Chris: Chris Keating
  • Frank: Frank Schulenburg
  • Katherine: Katherine Bavage
  • Abel: Abel Lifaefi Mbula
  • Ad: Ad Huikeshoven
  • Michał: Michał Buczyński
  • Lorenzo: Lorenzo Losa
  • Viswanathan: Viswanathan Prabhakaran
  • Kirill: Kirill Lokshin

Extra pieces

  • jumptext: The vote will be conducted on a central wiki. Please click the button below to be transferred.
  • returntext: 2017eko Wikimedia Fundaziorako hauteskundeak
  • unqualifiederror: We apologize, but you do not appear to be on the eligible voter list. Please visit the voter help page for more information on voter eligibility and information on how to be added to the voter list if you are eligible.
  • board elections title: Wikimedia Fundazioko Zuzendaritza Batzordearen hauteskundeak 2017
  • fdc candidates: FDC candidates
  • fdcombuds candidates: FDC Ombudsperson candidates
  • board candidates: Batzordeko hautagaiak
  • metauserpage: meta user page
  • presentations: aurkezpena
  • questions: galderak