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Pascale Camus-Walter (she/her) (Waltercolor)[edit]

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Candidate details
Pascale Camus-Walter - June 2021
My video on Commons - For Streaming: see Source : Vimeo; en français
  • Personal:
    • Name: Pascale Camus-Walter (she/her)
    • Location: Strasbourg, France
    • Languages: fr-N, en-3 , de-3
  • Editorial:
    • Wikimedian since: 2011
    • Active wikis: French Wikipedia
statement (Not more than 450 words) About me :

Wikipedian since 2011, Wikimedian since 2015, I'm currently member of the Board of Wikimedia France and member of the Phase 2 UCoC Drafting Committee (resigning, should I be elected).

Job : assistant in Sector social networks of Digital publishing Department / European Television ARTE.

I’m also a visual artist and I do photography, illustration and painting.

As a nonprofit veteran, I loved to participate as a volunteer to the follow up of the implementation of the worldscale WHO International Code and a UNICEF Initiative. I learned a lot from the way NGOs and UN agencies collaborate and work together to create and implement policies and programs.

About my goals :

  • As an old feminist, I would be happy that Wikimedia spaces move towards parity.
  • I’m interested in policies and law, and the conditions of successful implementation of strategies.
  • I consider that if we don’t have the tools we need, we should create them.
  • I suggest that we use more strict methodologies in order to avoid a « mill eating the grain » syndrome.
  • I often have the feeling that there is some unease between the Community and the Foundation. I will be careful that the interests of the WMF still keep aligned with the philosophy of the Movement.
Top 3 Board priorities New CEO

Keep the interests of the WMF aligned with the philosophy of the movement

Make successful implementation of strategies

Top 3 Movement Strategy priorities Reshape movement’s relationships in a postpandemic era

Protect contributors, communities and projects in hostile context

Be creative to make the projects accessible for more diverse contributors

Verification Verification performed by elections committee or Wikimedia Foundation staff.
Eligibility: Verified
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Identification: Verified
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Trustee Evaluation Form
Trustee Evaluation Form
Years of Experience
<1 1–2 2–5 5–10 10+

Wikimedia experience. The candidate is a dedicated contributor to the Wikimedia movement. Eligible contributions include: contributions to the Wikimedia projects, membership in a Wikimedia organization or affiliate, activities as a Wikimedia movement organizer, or participation with a Wikimedia movement ally organization.


Board experience. The candidate has served on the board of trustees/directors or other similar governing body of a nationally- or globally-focused organization (non-profit, for-profit, or governmental).


Executive experience. The candidate has worked at an executive level for an organization, department, or project of comparable (or greater) size, complexity, and scope to the Wikimedia Foundation.


Subject matter expertise. The candidate has worked or significantly volunteered in an area relevant to the work of the Foundation and the Board. Such areas will be determined on an annual basis and may include areas such as Global movement building and community organization, enterprise-level platform technology and/or product development, public policy and the law, knowledge sector (e.g., academia/GLAM/education), human rights and social justice, open Internet/free and open source software, organizational strategy and management, finance and financial oversight, non-profit fundraising, human resources, board governance.


Diversity: Background The candidate belongs or belonged to a group that has faced historical discrimination and underrepresentation in structures of power (related to, for example, gender, race, ethnicity, disability, LGBTQ+ identity, social class, economic status, or caste).


Diversity: Geography The candidate would contribute to the overall geographic diversity of the Board of Trustees, based on the geographic regions where they have lived.


Diversity: Language The candidate is a native speaker of a language other than English.


Diversity: Political system experience The candidate has substantial experience living in and/or working to share knowledge in a non-democratic, state-censoring, or repressive context.