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Wikimedia Foundation elections/Board elections/2011/Candidates/ko

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선거가 2011년 6월 12일에 종료되었습니다. 더 이상 투표하실 수 없습니다.
선거 결과는 2011년 6월 17일에 발표되었습니다.
2011년 이사회 선거

Claudi Balaguer (Capsot)

요약 정보
Claudi Balaguer, Daniil and baby Aitana (2008)
  • 개인 정보:
    • 이름: Claudi Balaguer
    • 연령: 42
    • 거주지: Millars/Millas, Northern Catalonia (France)
    • 언어: Catalan, English, French, Italian, Occitan, Spanish, some very basic Ukrainian and a few notions of Lithuanian, Hungarian and Russian. Can read most of the Romance languages.
  • Worried that WMF might foster oligarchs who hardly edit anymore and do not care much about the projects/editors
  • Sorry to witness bureaucracy gaining more importance, intricacy and control without counterpower
  • Still awaiting real transparency to know who the people in charge are, what they do and why/how they got up there
  • Afraid to see that institutions may become independent and get loads of money without control nor duties
  • Tired to see some rights renewed when last edit was in 2005 (BC maybe for some)

I am Capsot, the editor sorely praised in the high places. I deem that the core of the projects is its editors who deserve much more than what they get now.

If elected, I would try my very best to:

  • Listen & reply to concerns about the institutions
  • Promote transparency in every organ of the WMF
  • Have every Wikipedia or sister project on an equal ground be them big or small, specially small, stateless and threatened languages
  • Promote access/use to Internet and knowledge in the less-privileged countries, in the native languages
  • Ensure that funds go to noble causes, accordingly to development plans and needs, not in nurturing the biggest Chapters and discussable activities

As you can deduce from my general block a while ago, and still in Meta, some prominent people in the high places fear me ; so take your chance to frighten them as well voting for one of the few candidates really committed to change, truth and transparency.

Harel Cain (Harel)

요약 정보
Harel Cain
  • 개인 정보:
    • 이름: Harel Cain
    • 연령: 32
    • 거주지: 이스라엘 예루살렘
    • 언어: 히브리어, 영어, 독일어
연설 In my day job I'm a computer security engineer and also translate books.

I joined the Hebrew WP in 2004. I’ve been an admin for 6 years and a bureaucrat for the last 4 years.

I am one of the founders of WM Israel and serve on its control board. I give many outreach talks in different forums. I’m involved with nascent GLAM efforts in Israel.

I’m deeply involved with Wikimania 2011, where I manage registration and scholarships, act as the program chair and handle OTRS.

I presented in Wikimania ‘07 and ‘10, and attended ChapConf11 too.

I believe in a grassroots movement that is large, decentralized and varied, with ample room for the community, the WMF, the chapters and other stakeholders to have their own unique positions, working together to accomplish our mission.

If elected to the board, I intend to support activities to:

  • Counter the trends of the editor trends study, by experimenting with far reaching changes to software, permissions and community processes.
  • Accept that we have come of age and our-long term survival cannot depend on reverting this.
  • Foster the growth of affiliated groups, organized in many models, not only as chapters.
  • Reach out to under-represented sectors and geographies, yet define realistic expectations for success.
  • Mitigate conflicts between all parties in the movement, esp. between communities and chapters.
  • Develop revenue sources that will ensure our projects remain free of ads.

Ting Chen (Wing)

요약 정보
From November 2nd 2010
  • 개인 정보:
    • 이름: 팅 천(Ting Chen)
    • 연령: 43세
    • 거주지: 독일, 마인츠(Mainz)
    • 언어: 중국어, 독일어, 영어, 프랑스어(조금), 일본어(독해가능)
연설 저는 중국에서 태어나서 자랐고, 독일에서 전자공학을 공부하다가 지금은 그곳에서 IT전문가로 일하고 있습니다. 프로젝트에서 제가 하는 일은 편집하기, 번역, 관리작업, 분쟁을 해결하고 할수 있을 때마다 신입회원을 도우려고 노력하기등으로 대부분 딱히 다른 사람과 다른건 없습니다. 저는 2008년에 이사로 당선되었고, 2009년에 재선되었습니다. 현재 저는 이사회의 의장을 맡고 있습니다.

만일 제가 재선된다면:

  • 위키재단이 커뮤니티에서 결정된 우리의 계획과 우리의 사명에 따라 운용될 수있도록 지키겠습니다.
  • 프로젝트와 커뮤니티에서 열린 마음(openness), 혁신(innovative), 호기심(curious), 따스함(welcoming)같은 특성들이 발달하도록 하겠습니다.
  • 우리의 활동중에 일어나는 여러 문제들을 실제적이고 가능한 한 간단한 방법으로 해결하겠습니다.
  • 제 힘이 닫는대로 우리의 프로젝트를 돕고 촉진시키며 온 세계에 봉사하려는 저의 개인적인 헌신과 약속을 지키겠습니다.
  • 프로젝트에서의 저의 역할은 계속 하겠습니다.

William H. DuBay (Bdubay)

요약 정보
William H. DuBay
  • 개인 정보:
    • 이름: William H. DuBay
    • 연령: 76
    • 거주지: Washington State, Hong Kong
    • 언어: English
  • 편집:
    • 위키미디어 프로젝트 참여 시기: Aprox. May 2001
    • 활동 위키: English Wikipedia, Commons
연설 I am a professional writer and readability consultant.

I was a writer in public relations and technical writing for 21 years. I am on the Readability SIG of the International Reading Association and a member of the Society of Technical Communications since 1985.

I have been very active in the Plain Language Association International since 1995. Since 2001, I have been a consultant in plain language and readability. My clients include the National Aviation Administration, California Public Utilities Commission, Los Angeles County Department of Consumer Affairs, and the Los Angeles Department of Public Social Services.

I have written extensively on readability and my publications include Smart Language: Readers, Readability, and the Grading of Texts, Unlocking Language: The Classic Readability Studies, The Principles of Readability, and the Plain Language at Work Newsletter, all offered free on my Website with many other instructive materials.

I enjoy contributing to Wikipedia very much. I was a major contributor to the English pages on The history of Los Angeles, Readability, George R. Klare, and William S. Gray.

My interest in joining the board is to make the language of Wikipedia more accessible to the general reader. There is a vast body of research on readability that could make a major impact on increasing readership. I also am interested in working with the Simple Wikipedia editors and creating a Plain Language Project. I am also interested in the discussions on general editing policies.

James Forrester (Jdforrester)

요약 정보
James Forrester
  • 개인 정보:
    • 이름: 제임스 포레스터(James Forrester)
    • 연령: 28세
    • 거주지: 영국, 런던
    • 언어: 영어
  • 편집:
연설 As a long-time Wikimedian I have done a bit of everything. I became an enwiki sysop in 2003 and founded its ArbCom; I'm now an enwiki CheckUser/OverSight, and Commons sysop. I help out each Wikimania, ran IRC, and even wrote bits of code. I was the Foundation's Chief Research Officer, Wikimedia UK's founding Secretary, and a few more rôles, but now outside the Wikimedia bodies (just a member of Wikimedia NL), I've gained some perspective. I work to open up the British Government, leading data.gov.uk on strategy, technical issues, governance and finance, so the Board's duties are familiar to me.

I share community worries about some critical items for the Board:

  • Editor Trends feels too little, too late, and too narrow, ignoring smaller wikis;
  • the Foundation/community relationship - if the Community team replaces volunteers with staff;
  • the Global South work and Indian Office before Movement Roles ends;
  • the US-dominated Board does well but has too little technical experience and global perspective; and
  • too often private "agreements" occur without any wider community input: we must share more of the internal work, not just the Board's.

We need better understanding between the projects - it's tough to find out what's going on to learn or offer help. As someone who only speaks English, I rely on translations, which are vital. I'd have regular project updates shared, as with Chapters, and restart the Embassy.

Lodewijk Gelauff (Effeietsanders)

요약 정보
  • 개인 정보:
    • 이름: Lodewijk Gelauff
    • 연령: 23
    • 거주지: Oegstgeest, Netherlands
    • 언어: Dutch, English, German (mediate), French (reading)
  • 편집:
    • 위키미디어 프로젝트 참여 시기: February 2005
    • 활동 위키: nl.wikipedia (home wiki), en.wikipedia, commons and meta (partially active). Admin on: nl.wikipedia (+bureaucrat), nl.wikisource, nl.wikibooks, nl.wikimedia, meta.wikimedia
연설 I care a lot about relationships in Wikimedia. Between the editors, organizations and our readers. The Foundation is an important central organization in this movement, but not the only one.

Since I got involved in Wikimedia in 2005 I have been active in many fields in the movement; including as a steward, sysop on several wiki's, five year (founding) board member for Wikimedia Netherlands and (still) a member of the Chapters Committee. I have organized Wikimedia conferences, chapter meetings, and am a lead organizer in the international Wiki Loves Monuments project. In daily life I study Chemistry & Science Based Business (MSc) at Leiden University.

I care especially about:

  • empowering volunteers
  • involving more people in decision making processes at an early stage
  • development of Wikimedia throughout the world
  • an open and welcoming atmosphere in the projects and the movement
  • effective communication

I recognize I have not all solutions for the world's (or even Wikimedia's) problems - but I try to be open for them. On many issues I have opinions, but I'm willing to change given good arguments. I would be happy to become an accessible, critical but constructive board member at the Wikimedia Foundation.

There is much more I'd like to share in this limited space. However, please ask any questions you may have.

Joan Gomà (Gomà)

요약 정보
Joan Gomà at Wikimania 2010
  • 개인 정보:
    • 이름: Joan Gomà
    • 연령: 51
    • 거주지: Barcelona
    • 언어: Catalan, English, Spanish
연설 I would like to take the values of the movement one step further.
  • Having the reports drawn up by the WMF, Chapters and other groups written in the languages of the projects concerned.
  • Setting up mechanisms to allow projects to have their say in WMF decisions, especially those regarding the foundation and renewal of Chapters and other groups and the funding of activities.
  • Enhancing WMF funding by weaving an offline fundraising network through Chapters and other groups.
  • Having the WMF investing more in technical upgrades to make editing and quality management easier: WYSIWYG, machine translation, statistical data, gadgets for sister projects, vandalism detectors, greater focus on local language interwikis, etc.
  • Having the WMF actively supporting new and innovative projects by promoting calls for ideas and investing in getting them going.

I am a Prof. Dr. Eng. at Barcelona Polytechnic University, former director of the Fundació Centre CIM and the President of Amical Viquipèdia. I helped translate the book Wikipédia into Catalan. I organized a program promoting the use of Wikipedia in 17 Spanish universities. I am one of the developers of the translation support bot used on the Catalan Wikipedia.

Samuel Klein (Sj)

요약 정보
Samuel Klein.   Credit: Joi Ito
  • 개인 정보:
    • 이름: Samuel Klein
    • 연령: 33
    • 거주지: Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
    • 언어: English, some German, Spanish, French, Hebrew
  • 편집:
    • 위키미디어 프로젝트 참여 시기: 23 January 2004
    • 활동 위키: meta(a), en.wikipedia(a), en.wikibooks. Also sw.wikipedia(a), commons.
연설 Wikimedia should be a model for open, community-led organizations.

나는 미국에서 자랐고, 지금 나는 독일과 캐냐에서 산다. I studied physics at Harvard, and work at One Laptop per Child, fostering education and offline access to knowledge in the developing world.

Since 2004, I have been a Wikimedia editor, translator, organizer and speaker. I started the Meta translators network, and published a Wikimedia newsletter in 5 languages. I served as a steward for 5 years. I have worked on outreach to universities and libraries, and in 2009 organized the Kiswahili Wikipedia Challenge. I led Wikimania 2006, and run the Boston wiki-meetup (since 2005).

I was elected to the Board in 2009, and am its secretary. As Trustee I focus on transparency, long-term planning and community empowerment, including the strategic plan and movement roles projects.

My current goals for the Foundation are to:

  • Make our wiki platform a joy to use
  • Actively support small and new Projects
  • Invest in better multilingual communication
  • Try other bold ideas to counter editor decline
  • Support new models for affiliates
  • Expand collaboration with education and cultural groups
  • Be transparent, and led by community needs, in resource allocation

Patricio Lorente (Patricio.lorente)

요약 정보
Closing ceremony of Wikimania 2008
  • 개인 정보:
    • 이름: 파트리시오 로렌테(Patricio Lorente)
    • 연령: 42세
    • 거주지: 아르헨티나, 라 플라타
    • 언어: 스페인어, 영어, 이탈리아어
  • 편집:
연설 I've been involved in es.Wikipedia and Commons since 2005. I am President of Wikimedia Argentina since 2007 and was lead organizer of Wikimania 2009. I took part in many Wikimedia-related initiatives, such as GLAM (Wikipedia takes..., free release of national TV historical footage), collaboration with the educational system and building an Ibero-American cooperation framework (Iberocoop). I'm also public leader of Creative Commons Argentina.

If elected, I will work to:

  • Develop internationalization policies to integrate communities that today are isolated: many Wikipedians and groups are invisible to the international community because they can't communicate in English. Facilitate South-South cooperation.
  • Increase the communities' saying and decision-making influence on WMF administration and spending.
  • Support cooperation between Wikimedia projects and the educational system: Wikimedia projects can make a significant contribution to the educational experience and improve our content in the process.
  • Support GLAM initiatives: facilitate networking, document experiences and also provide the means -PR, legal advice- to address legal barriers (such as copyright issues) where they are not clearly defined.
  • Improve usability: support community-developed tools and solutions, as usability is not yet satisfactory to the community’s expectations after the ad hoc initiative.

Gerard Meijssen (GerardM)

요약 정보
Gerard Meijssen
  • 개인 정보:
    • 이름: Gerard Meijssen
    • 연령: 52
    • 거주지: Almere, the Netherlands
    • 언어: Dutch, English some German and a little French
  • 편집:
    • 위키미디어 프로젝트 참여 시기: April 2008
    • 활동 위키: I have a profile on 490 Wikis on some I have special privileges.
    • I have tenths of thousands of contributions to Wiktionary and Commons.
    • I am a member of the language committee
연설 So far most attention has gone to the big Wikipedias with the argument that we gain the most by building on our strengths. As a result the development of other projects and projects with problems with their script have been stunted. I have actively sought solutions to alleviate this discrimination and I am involved in translatewiki.net and the development of extensions like LocalisationUpdate, Narayam and WebFonts.

I am a prolific blogger and have written about Wikis and what not for several years. When I am elected to the board, I will advocate a Wikimedia Foundation that has the widest possible impact on our eco-system and on our goal of bringing information to all people of this world. I will seek this more in changes of the details then in a "revolution". We are doing great work but we can do better for all our languages and projects when we show a bit more flexibility and agility.

I have been involved in GLAMs from the start and, I will seek improved outreach to our GLAM partners by at least providing timely data on their impact. Social issues prevent further development of our community, this will be one of my priorities. I will continue to blog in order to improve the discussion and communication of our movement.

Tom Morton (ErrantX)

요약 정보
At home in the UK
  • 개인 정보:
    • 이름: Thomas Morton
    • 연령: 24
    • 거주지: United Kingdom
    • 언어: English
  • 편집:
    • 위키미디어 프로젝트 참여 시기: 2010 (also active in '06)
    • 활동 위키: English Wikipedia (light activity on Commons & Wikibooks)
연설 Within the WM family I am an editor and sysop on the English WP, am lightly involved in Wikibooks/Commons and was previously active on Wikinews. I am British, an Electronic Engineering graduate and work in information security (forensic analysis & software development).

I have a deep interest in freedom of speech and knowledge. I believe that free and open content of all kinds is essential to our future culture, after all “Knowledge is power”. The WMF provide a crucial cornerstone in the task to bring that power to everyone.

If elected I will help secure the ideals of neutrality, freedom and collaboration that the board is tasked to defend. I am very approachable and can bring a unique mixture of free thinker, developer, writer and free content evangelist to the board to help support the project in an exciting new decade.

As a highly active editor I’d hope act as a conduit between the broad work/perspective of the board and the views/ideas of the community. I’d work to make the board more accessible to the community, support the high level of independence of the Wiki’s and help foster greater camaraderie and stronger ties amongst all our volunteers.

Marc-André Pelletier (Coren)

요약 정보
Marc-André Pelletier
  • 개인 정보:
    • 이름: Marc-André Pelletier
    • 연령: 41
    • 거주지: 캐나다, 퀘백, 몬트리올
    • 언어: 프랑스어, 영어, 스페인어
  • 편집:
    • 위키미디어 프로젝트 참여 시기: 2003년
    • 활동 위키: en.wp
연설 The Wikimedia projects are, in my opinion, one of humanity's noblest and most important endeavours. Free knowledge is the vision that brought us all together to collect millions of bits of wisdom, art, and culture for all to share and spread.

Yet, without the support and guidance of a strong vision our projects flounder. The smaller projects become vulnerable to small self-selecting groups that care little for our founding principles, and even the biggest and healthiest of our project calcify into ineffective bureaucracies unable to deal with the responsibilities of being the greatest source of knowledge of Internet.

There is a fine but critical line between avoiding interference in the projects and abandoning them without support or guidance, and my objective is to guide the foundation back to our roots. Neutrality, a welcoming collaborative environment, and true openness are not options, nor are our responsibilities to the readers – and subjects – of our projects.

The Foundation must support those principles by action, not by looking away. Outreach is good, but let's first make sure our house is in order before inviting more guests.

Milos Rancic (Millosh)

요약 정보
From January 2009, made during the interview for the journal deScripto
  • 개인 정보:
    • 이름: Milos Rancic
    • 연령: 38
    • 거주지: 세르비아 베오그라드
    • 언어: 세르비아어 (크로아티아어, 보스티아어, 세르비아-크로아티아어), 영어; 독해 가능: 러시아어, 마케도니아어, 불가리아어, 슬로베니아어; 기타 슬라브 언어 조금
연설 나는 LangCom, ChapCom, RCom 일원, 그리고 WMRS의 임원을 맡고 있습니다. 과거에는 WMRS의 초대 대표 NomCom 회원을 역임했습니다. 미디어의 가능성에 관한 다양한 문제에 대해 적극적으로 활동하고 있습니다. 나는 프로그래머로 몇몇 Bot을 운용하고 있습니다.

직업은 시스템 관리자이고 전공은 언어학입니다.

공약은 다음과 같습니다.

  • 위키미디어 프로젝트의 지속 가능성은 자유로운 지식의 창조와 보급을 위한 창조적이고 철저한 접근 방식을 제공한다.
  • 각 위키 프로젝트는 각각 명확한 영역을 가지고 있고, 그 이상의 제한은 받아들이지 않는다.
  • 위키미디어 재단은 위키인이 자신의 미디어에서 활동 주변에 보답하는 방법을 찾아내야한다.
  • 스스로 지속 가능한 위키인 그룹은 가능한 한 자율적이어야한다.
  • 각 위키 미디어 프로젝트는 원래 과학적이다.
  • 위키 공동체는 하나이어야 한다.
  • 위키 커뮤니티는 위키미디어 재단의 상위에 위치되어야 한다.
  • 위키미디어 재단이 해야 할 것은 다음과 같다 :
    • 미래 세대를 위해 미디어 콘텐츠를 어떻게 전파하고 유지할지 고민해야 한다.
    • 다른 자유로운 지식, 자유 소프트웨어, 그리고 자유 문화의 프로젝트로 구성된 네트워크를 구축한다.
    • 지구상의 사람들의 상호 이해의 촉진에 적극적으로 참가한다

Jane S. Richardson (Dcrjsr)

요약 정보
Jane S Richardson
  • 개인 정보:
    • 이름: Jane S Richardson
    • 연령: 70
    • 거주지: Durham, North Carolina, USA
    • 언어: English
  • 편집:
    • 위키미디어 프로젝트 참여 시기: January 2009
    • 활동 위키: Commons, English Wikipedia
연설 I contribute organized sets of biomolecular-structure & mountain/flower images to Wikimedia Commons, edit molecular structure & graphics articles on en:wikipedia (POTD 2009-11-19), and introduce Wikipedia editing in classes.

My research is on 3D structure of biological macromolecules. I am a Professor at Duke University; MacArthur Fellow; National Academy of Sciences USA; American Academy of Arts & Sciences; Institute of Medicine; President-elect, Biophysical Society. Our lab (joint with my husband User:DavetheMage) runs the MolProbity structure-validation web service (at http://kinemage.biochem.duke.edu), distributes our open-source software and open-access papers, contributes to the RNA Ontology Consortium and the worldwide Protein Data Bank Validation Task Forces, and is a development team on the PHENIX crystallographic software project.

  • I would like to turn on more professionals to the satisfactions of wiki editing and contributing in their specialties. I have strong connections in professional scientific societies (Biophysics, Proteins, RNA, Crystallography, Computer Graphics, Biochemistry) in the US and internationally, would organize workshops and web pages to encourage new editors, and would share those strategies & materials with experts in other fields.
  • In the other direction, I would work to help make Wikimedia editing even more friendly and accessible.

Ferdinando Scala (Ferdinando Scala)

요약 정보
Ferdinando Scala
  • 개인 정보:
    • 이름: Ferdinando Scala
    • 연령: 42
    • 거주지: San Giorgio a Cremano, Italy
    • 언어: Italian, English, French, Spanish
  • 편집:
    • 위키미디어 프로젝트 참여 시기: June 17, 2007
    • 활동 위키: Italian Wikipedia, marginal activity on Commons and Wikiquote
연설 As a child, I dreamt to be an author of the Encyclopedia Galactica, the repository of the universal knowledge described by Isaac Asimov in his Foundation saga. I had the occasion to see something similar in my lifetime and, moreover, to contribute. Telling “thank you” for making my dreams come true is my deepest motivation to volunteer for serving the WMF community.

In my daily life I’m a digital communications professional, specifically focused on strategic planning, digital evolution and social media development. I’m an expert marketer and public speaker, with practice as a trainer in the corporate and academic sectors. If elected, I will put my skills on disposition to:

  • Developing campaigns for expanding the base of fundraising for Wikimedia, aimed to attract both public and individual contributors (long tail approach).
  • Stimulating the opening and evolution of Wikimedia projects in the minority cultures and languages, so that even the feeblest voices could contribute to the richness of the project.
  • Making Wiki’s user experience as simple as possible, so to attract technology-adverse or disabled contributors.
  • Diffusing the open-source culture to the wide public, as it is the best way of consistently improving the cultural enrichment of all mankind.
  • Finding and establishing connections with other collaborative cultural projects, like free-learning hubs.

mischa vetere (mvart4u)

요약 정보
mischa vetere seen by ira cohen, new york
  • 개인 정보:
    • 이름: mischa vetere
    • 연령: 44
    • 거주지: zurich, switzerland and berlin, germany
    • 언어: german, french, english, italian (all four fluent), basic spanish and portuguese
  • 편집:
    • 위키미디어 프로젝트 참여 시기: 2009
    • 활동 위키: Commons and rarely wikipedia (contributions about swiss writers)
연설 used to work as senior trust relationship mgr for 15 yrs with citibank/csg. in between i have sucessfully restruct. our fam. business. began with 18 as illustrator / editor of high quality books.

loved medium-longterm strat. consid. are also asset 2day, as writer/painter: « teatime, samurai », compar. dalai LAMA with GANDHI, helped 2009 & counter proposal 2 OBAMA / court to postpone google-agreem.

started in dec 2010 THE HOPE CYCLE (http://vetere.blogspot.com/) with marocco & egypt (?!) - with happenings in libya, on 21st of feb 11, posted the new blog on fb white house with saying from 2010: "human rights are not, not negotiable." on 23rd of feb OBAMA quotes by amending: « nowhere » - on apr 15 human rights commission, UN geneva, fully adhered to official complaint dated 25th of nov 10 against wished apartheid in switzland (vote of 28th of nov. reverted!).

I contribute since 2010 to commons, mainly to own categ. mischa vetere - due to heavy censorship 2010, all works are O.T.R.S. approved now, a lot – due to fascist tendencies - against discrim., world problem no. 1: HUNGER, education. here an example, used for recent german conf. about north afr. Revol.: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/6a/Mischa_vetere_pro_memoria_MANIFEST_AND_FURTHERMORE_2010.jpg

following the invit. of ting chen, i would love to help to bring the wiki project further with all its diversity, increasing the quality level by encouraging participants. my contribution: to listen carefully, obtain a full overview, bring in strategical ideas. i am at the top of creativity - 2010: 1300 paintings!

Urs Wäfler (Urs.Waefler)

요약 정보
  • 개인 정보:
    • 이름: 우르스 배플러(Urs Wäfler)
    • 연령: 32세
    • 거주지: 스위스, 취리히
    • 언어: 독일어, 프랑스어, 영어
  • 편집:
    • 위키미디어 프로젝트 참여 시기: 2007년 10월 14일
    • 활동 위키: de-wp, en-wp
연설 저는 스위스에서 태어나고 자랐습니다. 취리히 국립공대(Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich)에서 공부했지만, 졸업은 하지 못했습니다. 다보스 세계경제포럼과 그곳의 연간회의에서 일했으며, 중학교 교사로 있었고. 지금은 소프트웨어 회사에서 일하고 있습니다, and I continue to study business informatics.

제가 만일 당선된다면:

  • Help the Wikimedia Foundation to grow according to its mission and its strategic planning which was worked out by the community.
  • Enable the vision, that every single person has free access to the sum of all human knowledge. The Wikimedia Foundation and its community develops the largest, best structured and most recognized knowledge databases of the world.
  • Promote a peaceful, constructive and great reputation.

Education can take place anywhere and everywhere. It is our most valuable asset, it must be an open world, accessible by everyone - humankind advances only through collaboration.

Kat Walsh (mindspillage)

요약 정보
Kat Walsh, November 2010
  • 개인 정보:
    • 이름: Kat Walsh
    • 연령: 28
    • 거주지: Washington, DC
    • 언어: English
  • 편집:
    • 위키미디어 프로젝트 참여 시기: 2004
    • 활동 위키: en.wikipedia
연설 나는 2006년부터 이사회의 한 사람입니다. 나는 법무 박사 (JD)에서 버지니아 변호사 협회를 통과했습니다. 나는 현재, 저작권, 특허, 인터넷 정책 연구원이며 특허 에이전트, 클래식 음악, 그리고 최근에는 미국 도서관 협회 (American Library Association)의 기술 정책 분석가이기도합니다.

나는 성장하는 미디어의 일부를 단한 것을 행운으로 생각합니다. 프로젝트 및 OTRS의 자유 지식 프로젝트에 대한 이의 제기를 보고 온 경험에서 미디어의 목표 달성을 지원하기 위해 전문가로서 법률에 종사했습니다. 가장 오랫동안 이사를 맡고있는 사람으로서, 나는 장기적인 지역 사회 자원 봉사의 관점에서 경험과 재단에 대한 지식을 활용하여 위키미디어 재단의 도전에 그 배경을 추가했습니다.

나는 나의 주요 역할은 위키미디어 재단이 보다 큰 목표에 부합하는 한 그 핵심 원칙과 가치를 유지하는 것이라고 이해하고 있습니다. 그래서 이것은 특정 의제 라기보다는 나의 강령입니다. 나는 우리가 이 프로젝트를 사람들의 생활의 일부가 노력을 계속하고 우리의 사명을 달성하기 위하여 능력을 개발하면서 재단과 사회의 관계를 구축하고 계속 했으면 좋겠다고 생각합니다. 이사회의 역할은 장기 전망을 그리고 위키미디어 재단의 프로젝트가 향후 무료적, 중립적, 독립적, 그리고 활발하게 개발되고 계속할 수 있도록 하는 것입니다. 나는 이러한 생각이 나의 강점이라고 믿고 있어 차기 위키미디어 재단 이사회의 일원이 되기를 바랍니다.

Esteban Zárate (Ezarate)

요약 정보
Esteban Zárate
  • 개인 정보:
    • 이름: Esteban Zárate
    • 연령: 38
    • 거주지: 아르헨티나 탄딜
    • 언어: 스페인어, 영어
연설 나는 LangCom, ChapCom, RCom 일원, 그리고 WMRS의 임원을 맡고 있습니다. 과거에는 WMRS의 초대 대표와 나는 부에노스 아이레스의 중등학교에서 교사로 일하고 있습니다.

나는 2008년 4월 30 일스페인어 위키백과에서 활동을 시작, 2010년 3월 관리자가 되었습니다. 가공에서도 관리자이고, 스페인어 위키에서는 회원님로 자주 활동하고 있습니다.

나는 시스템 엔지니어이며, 탄자니아의 중등 학교에서 컴퓨터 과학을 가르치고 있습니다.

이사에 당선되면 다음과 같은 일을 하겠습니다.

  • 더 많은 기여자를 프로젝트에 유치하는 계획을 검토한다.
  • 소득의 효율적인 분배를 찾는다.
  • 도움이 필요로하는 모든 사회를 도와준다