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Wikimedia Foundation elections/Board elections/2013/Questions/es

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This page is a translated version of the page Wikimedia Foundation elections/Board elections/2013/Questions and the translation is 22% complete.
Info The election ended 22 June 2013. No more votes will be accepted.

The results were announced on 24 June 2013.

Ayuda a traducir estas elecciones.


Solicitamos a los votantes dejar no más de cuatro preguntas sin duplicar, breves y estrictamente relevantes. Las preguntas que no se relacionen directamente con la candidatura en la Junta Electoral, serán removidas a discreción del Comité. Por favor sea respetuoso del tiempo que los candidatos deben dedicar para responder, así como del tiempo que requieren otros votantes para leer.

Please do not use the question pages to link to other pages with more questions (to ask further or non-eligible questions, contact the candidates on their talk pages or via email). You can ask your question in any language; if necessary, the election committee will try to find translators. Click here to add a question.


It is strongly suggested that answers to questions do not exceed approximately 1600 characters per question (not counting spaces). Please do not link to another page containing an extended answer, although relevant links used for descriptive purposes are fine. Due to the number of voters and candidates, this is necessary to keep these pages readable, informative and therefore useful for voters.


For readability, the questions page will be broken up into subpages, each containing 10 questions and the answers by the candidates.

  1. Questions/1
    1. Sisterproject of wikipedia
    2. About MediaWiki development
    3. Improving quality
    4. Foundation's long-term vision
    5. Communication and activity level
    6. Distance to the community
    7. Network of chapters (affiliates)
    8. 2012-2013 Annual Plan, Narrowing Focus, and Fundraising
    9. Endowment
    10. Advocacy
  2. Questions/2
    1. What will you bring to the board humanly speaking?
    2. What skills will you bring to the board?
    3. Why should I NOT vote for you?
    4. About diversity
    5. About trust and understanding
    6. Child protection and the WMF
    7. Anonymous editing of Wikipedia biographies
    8. Foundation wiki coup and multilingual communication
    9. Dozens WMF private wikis and "no place to work together"
    10. What will you leave to the WMF after being in the board?
  3. Questions/3
    1. Regional Wikis to acquire new content and authors
    2. LGBT visibility
    3. Use of off-wiki sites which harm the Foundation and individual Wikimedians
    4. About the approval of new Chapters
    5. Executive director selection and oversight
    6. About overspending and/or misspending
    7. Narrowing focus and funding allocations
    8. Global South
    9. Investment policy and philosophy
    10. WMF effectiveness and board self-evaluation
  4. Questions/4
    1. How do we go from being an encyclopedia to being a whole library? How do we become "cutting edge" again?