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Wikimedia France/Micro-financement/Demande/Wikimania 2019/Anne-LaureM

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Cette demande de micro-financement à Wikimédia France a été acceptée au 2e trimestre 2019.

  This request for Wikimania 2019 has been accepted by the commission, for 860,63€ max. Trizek from FR 18:43, 22 June 2019 (UTC)[reply]


Is it your first Wikimania ?

Yes it is.

Have you already received a scholarship from Wikimedia France?

Yes to go to the GLAMcon in Tel-Aviv in November

What is your implication on Wikimedia projects? How is it aligned with the theme of the conference? Please describe in details.

I'm involved in the French GLAM Projects and the life of the chapter. I organize and participate on the Sans-pagEs workshop and try to work for a better inclusivity of LGBT+ users and women. Big parts of my involvement is not visible on the wikiprojects but for me the community life is very important and I'm better in communication and organization than in the writting. I'm very interested in the volunteers path in the other countries. To develop and improve ours at Wikimedia France. These themes join the 4,5,10 and 17 SDG. I am very excited to discover the other SDG and include them in my practices because we are all concerned about the sustainable development!

What is your motivation attending Wikimania?

Meet new wikipedians who work all around the globe on the same themes as me and exchange about our practices. Learn other technics and new way of working.

Do you also plan to attend the hackathon or the learning days? (if so, please describe your projects there)

I began a project at the Prague Hackathon about building a workflow allowing the institutions and volunteer photographers to upload their pictures on Commons and informations about them on Wikidata. I would be very happy if it was possible to continue it on the hackathon but I understand if it's more expensive.

Have you submitted a talk or a workshop for Wikimania 2019? (if so, please add a link)

Yes : https://wikimania.wikimedia.org/wiki/2019:GLAM/How_organize_a_mutual_profit_event_with_GLAM_and_queer_communities_%3F

How good is your English?

My English is not perfect, but I understand conversation and can answer in English. I have already participated in three international events in English and learnt lot of very interesting things.

Anything else?

I'm thinking of going to Oslo before joining Stockholm so I'll take in my charge the transportation cost from Paris to Oslo and indicate the estimate price for Oslo-Stockholm, Stockholm-Paris.


Don't forget to add the price of the registration.

The more precise your request is, the better.

Designation cost
Wikimania registration 198,38
Hackathon registration 132,25
Flight (estimation) 250
Accomodation (I share my room with Pierre-Selim and count 5 nights 13,14,15,16,17) 280,29
Total 860,63 €


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