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Wikimedia France/Micro-financement/Demande/Wikimania 2019/J. N. Squire

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This request has been accepted by the commission for 1263€ max. Trizek from FR 19:03, 22 June 2019 (UTC)[reply]


Is it your first Wikimania ?


Have you already received a scholarship from Wikimedia France?

Not yet. I'm going to get some transportation help for going to the Wikiconvention francophone in 2019 though.

What is your implication on Wikimedia projects? How is it aligned with the theme of the conference? Please describe in details.

  • Implication
    • Participating in Wikimedia projects for almost 10 years, mostly Wikipedia in French. I'm focused on translating articles from English to French on various topics (sciences and popular culture). I'm also interested in improving the UI to improve exchange between members and reduce confusions and tensions, something I'm very sensible about because of my Asperger's Syndrom; one of biggest projects I've helped with is the new Main page of the WIkipedia in French. As for other projects, I also contribute noticeably to Wikipedia in English, Wikidata (esp. interwikis and labels) and Commons.
    • Already organized a Wikipedia workshop in a French village in march 2017, attended another one in 2018.
    • Member of Wikimedia France since October 2018.
  • Conference theme alignment
    • Outside Wikipedia, I'm a student in Geography, an academic field dedicated to seeing how the world (territories) work over time and scales. More accuratly, the focus of my studies currently revolves around sustainable developement (and sub-themes), resilience and environemental justice.
    • At Wikimania, in line with what I already mentionned previously and to my submitted workshop (see below), I think to contribute to at least SDG 7 (Clean energy), 9 (Industry and infrastructures), 11 (Cities and communities), 12 (Consumption and production) and 13 (Climate action).

What is your motivation attending Wikimania?

  • Sharing my knowledge and experience about sustainable developement, local developement, inclusive developement, resilience, and environemental justice.
  • Meeting other contributors from around to world and learning from them.
  • Discussing matters about the theme of the conference with other contributors.

Do you also plan to attend the hackathon or the learning days? (if so, please describe your projects there)

I might attend to Learning Days, depending of the proposed sessions and competing Related activities. I mostly would like to develop skills to present sessions or some training to present Wikimedia projects where. But for now, there is a clear lack of content on the dedicaded page for the conference, which doesn't help to chose what's going to happen.

Have you submitted a talk or a workshop for Wikimania 2019? (if so, please add a link)

Yes. There is an open submission for a session named The Wikis After Tomorrow: Overview of The Resilience Issues of The Wikimedia Sustainability Initiative From a Geography Standpoint.

How good is your English?

I translate articles from English to French on the Wikipedia in French. I've studied abroad and I can talk in a conversation without much problems (except if people have strong accents).

Anything else?



Don't forget to add the price of the registration.

The more precise your request is, the better.

Designation Cost
trains to and back from Paris 40 €
Paris to CDG/CDG to Paris 22.80 €
flight 167.34 €

(estimation in EUR)

657 €
taxi 64.72 €
shuttle (est. in EUR) 18.57 €
public transportation (Sweden; est. in EUR) 36.30 €
registration 256.33 €
Total 1263.06 €


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