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Sadly, I won't be able to attend Wikimania for family reasons. Sorry for the time lost reviewing my submission. Tpt (talk) 20:02, 18 June 2019 (UTC)

Cette demande de micro-financement à Wikimédia France a été abandonnée au 2e trimestre 2019.
Tpt Information manquante : merci d'indiquer votre nom d'utilisateur pour être contacté.Voir les discussions y ayant mené


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Is it your first Wikimania ?

No, I have attended in 2012, 2014, 2016 and 2017 and did a presentation each time.

Have you already received a scholarship from Wikimedia France?

Yes, in 2012 and 2014.

What is your implication on Wikimedia projects? How is it aligned with the theme of the conference? Please describe in details.

I am the maintainer of multiple MediaWiki extensions used on Wikimedia wikis like ProofreadPage. I have also created a significant number of external tools, gadgets and modules used in various wikis. I am an active Wikidata contributor, mostly in technicals areas. I hope to bring a meaningful background and point of view on the "industry, innovation and infrastructure" sustainable development goal.

What is your motivation attending Wikimania?

I have two main motivations:

  1. Get a chance to discuss with Wikisource contributors and help them with the technical issues they might encounter by making them aware of what already exists
  2. Try to create a discussion of what Wikisource future might be in the hope to get a list of important projects for the Wikisource community. It would at least lead me in my volunteer work on Wikisource and hopefully provide a meaningful and credible answer to the "Which support do you need?" question that is sometime asked to the Wikisource community.

Do you also plan to attend the hackathon or the learning days? (if so, please describe your projects there)

Yes. I first plan to help people who might need help from knowledgeable contributors. And, if time permit, I plan to build a new cross-wiki infobox system based on Shape expressions or to improve the integration of Wikisource Index: pages with Wikidata.

Have you submitted a talk or a workshop for Wikimania 2019? (if so, please add a link)


  1. Wikisource 2030: Let's Dream Together
  2. An Opinionated Point of View on Wikisource 2.0

How good is your English?

Fluent but not yet native level. I already lived and worked in English speaking countries.

Anything else?


Don't forget to add the price of the registration.

The more precise your request is, the better.

Designation cost
Registration 330€ (375US$)
Accommodation (cancellable hostel already booked) 196€
Travel (flight ticket, should be hopefully less but prices might increase) 170€
Total 696€


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