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This page aims to track the presence of women both on the boards and in the leadership of affiliated Wikimedia groups, as well as the main bodies of the movement and the Wikimedia Foundation. The idea is to have a more accurate vision of how many women are taking positions of leadership and thus promote more equity in our movement.

More information about Gender gap in Wikimedia. If the information presented here isn't updated, feel free to modify it.


Number Chapter President F or M Number of board members Woman Board members Gender of ED Continent
1 [AM] Wikimedia Armenia (Armenia) F 7 M Europe
2 [AR] Wikimedia Argentina (Argentina) M 13 5 F America
3 [AT] Wikimedia Österreich (Austria) M 8 F Europe
4 [AU] Wikimedia Australia (Australia) M 7 1 N/A Oceania
5 [BD] Wikimedia Bangladesh (Bangladesh) M N/A Asia
6 [BE] Wikimedia Belgium (Belgium) M Europe
7 [CA] Wikimedia Canada (Canada) M America
8 [CH] Wikimedia CH (Switzerland) M F Europe
9 [CL] Wikimedia Chile (Chile) M 6 1 N/A America
10 [CZ] Wikimedia Česká republika (Czechia) M Europe
11 [DE] Wikimedia Deutschland (Germany) M 9 3 M Europe
12 [DK] Wikimedia Danmark (Denmark) M Europe
13 [EE] Wikimedia Eesti (Estonia) F F Europe
14 [ES] Wikimedia España (Spain) M N/A Europe
15 [FI] Wikimedia Suomi (Finland) M Europe
16 [FR] Wikimédia France (France) M F Europe
17 [GB] Wikimedia UK (United Kingdom) M F Europe
18 [HU] Wikimédia Magyarország (Hungary) M Europe
19 [ID] Wikimedia Indonesia (Indonesia) M Asia
20 [IL] Wikimedia Israel (Israel) M F Asia
21 [IN] Wikimedia India (India) M Asia
22 [IT] Wikimedia Italia (Italy) M 5 0 N/A Europe
23 [MK] Wikimedia Macedonia (Macedonia) M Europe
24 [MO] Wikimedia Macau (Hong Kong) Asia
25 [MX] Wikimedia México (Mexico) M N/A America
26 [NL] Wikimedia Nederland (Netherlands) M F Europe
27 [NO] Wikimedia Norge (Norway) M F Europe
28 [PH] Wikimedia Philippines (Philippines) Asia
29 [PL] Wikimedia Polska (Poland) M Europe
30 [PT] Wikimedia Portugal (Portugal) M N/A Europe
31 [RS] Викимедија Србије (Serbia) M Europe
32 [RU] Викимедиа РУ (Russia) M Asia
33 [SE] Wikimedia Sverige (Sweden) M Europe
34 [TW] Wikimedia Taiwan (Taiwan) M Asia
35 [UA] Wikimedia Ukraine (Вікімедіа Україна) (Ukraine) M Europe
36 [US-DC] Wikimedia District of Columbia (United States) M America
37 [US-NYC] Wikimedia New York City (United States) M America
38 [UY] Wikimedia Uruguay (Uruguay) M N/A America
39 [VE] Wikimedia Venezuela (Venezuela) M M America
40 [ZA] Wikimedia South Africa (South Africa) M N/A Africa


  • Total of presidents: 38
  • Number of males: 36
  • Number of females: 2

Executive directions[edit]

  • Total of chapters with executive directions:
  • Number of males:
  • Number of females:


Wikimedia bodies[edit]

Affiliations Committee[edit]

Name Origin F or M Continent
Carlos Colina Venezuela M America
Kirill Lokshin United States M America
Emna Mizouni Tunisia F Africa
Tanweer Morshed Bangladesh M Asia
Salvador Alcántar Morán Mexico M America
Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight United States F America
Galileo Vidoni Argentina M America
Satdeep Gill India M Asia
Camelia Boban Italy F Europe
  • Total of persons: 9
  • Number of male voting members: 6
  • Number of female voting members: 3

Wikimedia Foundation board[edit]

Name Origin F or M Continent
Alice Wiegand Deutschland F Europe
Dariusz Jemielniak Poland M Europe
Christophe Henner France M Europe
Jimmy Wales United States M America
Kelly Battles United States F America
María Sefidari Spain F Europe
Nataliia Tymkiv Ukraine F Europe
  • Total of persons: 7
  • Number of males: 3
  • Number of females: 4