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مهم ترین های ویکی مدیا، جولای 2015

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This page is a translated version of the page Wikimedia Highlights, July 2015 and the translation is 42% complete.

"Darshan Kandolkar talks about Konkani Wikipedia.webm" by Wikimedia India, freely licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0.; "File:Leigh Thelmadatter-7697.jpg" by Karen Sayre for the Wikimedia Foundation, released under the CC BY-SA 3.0 license; "London-Eye-2009.JPG" by Kham Tran, feely licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.; "IFTTT Logo.svg" by IFTTT, public domain; "File:Albert_V_Bryan_Federal_District_Courthouse_-_Alexandria_Va.jpg" by Tim Evanson, freely licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.; Collage by Andrew Sherman.

این هاه مهم ترین های ویکی مدیا از بلگ ویکی مدیا در 2015 است.

عضو جامعه ویکی مدیا، دارشان کاندوکار تجربه کمک به ویکی پدیا بزبان کونکانی را با دیگران سهیم می شود. ویدئو بزبان کونکانیVideo by Wikimedia India, freely licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0.

Goan Konkani Wikipedia went live on June 18 after being in the Incubator for around nine years. The project went through many challenges, but the hard work of the editor community, mostly from the Indian state of Goa, paid off in bringing the project out of incubation.

"رویای آغاز پروژه ای برای آزادی رزمندگان گوا شامل مجموعه ای متنوع از افراد را دارم، از دانشجو گرفته تا روزنامه نگار و ستون نویس. همچنین مایلم با موسسات ـموزشی مشارکت داشته باشم تا بتوانیم دانشجویان را به مدتی طولانی تر در گیر کنیم و و جامعه کونکانی موجود هادی آنان باشد" دارشان کاندوکار

لیگی تلماداتر در سال 2012 در تلاش های گرد آوری پول برای بنیاد ویکی مدیا عکاسی کرد. Photo by Karen Sayre for the Wikimedia Foundation, released under the CC BY-SA 3.0 license.

لیگی تلماداتر که مدرس دانشگاه و داوطلب همکاری با وکی پدیاست به نگارش مقاله هائی گوناگون کمک کرده است، از مشروبها و غذاهای مکزیکی گرفته تا زندگی نمه و معرفی کلیساها.  امروزه با دانشجویان کار می کند تا پوشش مکزیک و فرهنگ آن در ویکی پدیا را بهتر کند و در سراسر کشور به سفر می پردازد تا اطلاعاتی را که ارزش تسهیم با دیگران دارد بیابد.

"فکر می کنم ویکی پدیا و جنبش های مشابه دست کم این ایده را مطرح می کنند که می توان اطلاعاتی بیشتر را آسان تر در دسترس مردمانی بیشتر قرار داد. صفحه لیگی کامانر |لیگی تلماداتر

نشان خاص ویکی مدیا برای مسابقه منو ها Logo by Offnfopt, freely licensed under CC0 1.0

At Wikimedia Sverige (Sweden), we like food, traveling, and open data. So we started thinking: What can we could do to make life a bit easier for the frequent flyer? With help from Wikidata, members decided to host a menu challenge for restaurants, around the world, to expand their menus with key information. Participants used Wikidata to provide labels, translations, and images.

Wikidata is a collection of structured data that can be edited by computers and people alike. A main focus is of course Wikipedia, but the possibilities are unlimited, which was what we wanted to show with this project.

Images of the London Eye can be shared online under freedom of panorama rights. Photo by Kham Tran, feely licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.

Recently, the European Parliament amended recommendations that places restrictions across all European Union member states. The Wikimedia community has mobilized in response.

Update (July 13): On July 9, the European Parliament voted on the Reda Report. The paragraph addressing the Freedom of Panorama was ultimately deleted from the report. This means that for now, nothing has changed: countries that had Freedom of Panorama rights under their domestic laws still have them. Countries that lacked Freedom of Panorama rights under their domestic laws still do not have them.

Blind Justice stands with scales aloft over the Albert V. Bryan United States Courthouse in Alexandria, Virginia. Photo by Tim Evanson, freely licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

On March 10th, the Wikimedia Foundation joined a lawsuit against the NSA over its upstream surveillance program. A hearing is scheduled for late September on the government's recently filed motion to dismiss the lawsuit.

If This Then That, or IFTTT, introduces new tools to make connecting with Wikipedia’s public data simpler than ever. Logo by IFTTT, public domain.

Wikipedia’s new Channel on IFTTT makes it easier than ever to share free knowledge. Recipes include:

  • Picture of the day: An alert with the Wikimedia Commons picture of the day
  • Article of the day: An interesting article from Wikipedia, chosen daily from among Wikipedia’s best articles
  • Word of the day: The definition of the Wiktionary word of the day
  • New edits to a Wikipedia article: New edits on any Wikipedia page (similar to your watchlist on Wikipedia)
  • New edits from a specific user: New contributions from a specific Wikipedia user
  • New edit with a hashtag in the edit summary: Watch for a hashtag in the edit summary (try a hashtag for your next #editathon!)
  • Article updated in a category: New edits to any Wikipedia page in a category
  • Articles added to a category: Each time an article is added to a category

Andrew Sherman,Digital Communications Intern, Wikimedia Foundation