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Nama Program / Program Name[edit]

PH-WC 2019 Annual Report

Prizes for Wiki Loves Monuments 2019 in the Philippines Winners

Sukarelawan / Volunteers[edit]

  • Penanggung jawab / Coordinator: Irvin Sto. Tomas
  • Anggota / Members: Maffeth Opiana

Hasil / Result[edit]

Describe your grant funded activities below. Tell us what you have achieved by using the grant.

The purpose of the project is to award the winners their prizes. Wiki Loves Monuments 2019 in the Philippines received 328 images on Wikimedia Commons (2019: 1,711 images) from 27 contributors (2019: 81 contributors).

What we have learned[edit]

  • Community outreach activities help promote the contest.
  • Contact past participants to join again in the contest.
  • Select a diverse team of jurors to get an international perspective of what is a quality image.
  • Cash prizes are easy to transfer and it is hassle-free to have hardware as a prize which can be bought in an online store to be delivered to the winner.

Penggunaan dana / Spending[edit]

  • Dana diterima / Amount received: USD 622.48 (PHP 30,800.59)
  • Dana dipakai / Amount spent: USD 582.74 (PHP 28,834.00)
  • Dana sisa / Amount remaining: USD 39.74 (PHP 1,966.35)

Rincian / Details[edit]

No. Date Description Amount Receipt
Amount received
1 May 13, 2020 1st Prize: Mijello Mission Gold Class MWC-1524 (4 sets) PHP 14,965.00 Order ID 200531H7XN0CT2
2 May 26, 2020 2nd Prize: Huawei Y7P 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM 48MP Triple AI Camera 6.39 (PhP 9,790.00)
3rd Prize: Toshiba Basics 2TB portable external hard drive (PHP 3,999.00)
PHP 13,869.00 Order ID 293162058815522
3 September 3, 2019 Organizing expenses PHP 389.00 Nos. 721643, 80310
4 October 25, 2019 Organizing expenses PHP 500.00 Nos. 15846
Amount spent PHP 29,723.00
Amount remaining for courier fee PHP 1,077.59

Dokumentasi / Documentation[edit]

Top 10[edit]

Catatan tambahan / Additional notes[edit]