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Dear WMI-LimeSurvey heroes,

Here my request for an awesome survey.

Thank you for your help! --~~


Some notes about my lovely project and why it needs an amazing survey bla bla

About me[edit]

I like to be contacted via Telegram / Talk pages, ecc. ecc.

My favorite color is not orange so please do not make this survey orange bla bla

Survey Info[edit]


This is a short descriptive for survey visitors bla bla bla bla bla bla

Open text[edit]

This is a short message when starting the survey bla blab bla bla bla bla

Close text[edit]

Short message when ending the survey (example: wow! thank you!) bla bla bla bala

Survey Questions[edit]

This is an example.

Write here your questions in the way you prefer.

Group "General"

  • Do you like swimming? (optional, single-choice)
    • Yes
    • No
  • What's your favorite word? (required, free text)
  • What's your favorite story? (optional, long text)

Group "Contact"

  • How do you want to be contacted? (optional, multiple-choice, min. 1, max. 2)
    • via IRC
    • via Telegram
    • in Phabricator, but only in full moon
    • nobody contacts me



For any question ping me here:

Thank you again! --~~