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Wikimedia LGBT User Group June 2019

  • When:
  • Location: Live Online Location: Zoom (link is here). Download and install the Zoom player before the meeting for best results.
  • URL: External URL if applicable (defaults to current page)
  • Summary: This online meetup is open to all members of the LGBT+ User Group to discuss shared opportunities, challenges, and issues.

  • The Wikimedia Friendly Space Policy will be followed for this meeting.


    1. Pharos (talk) 16:38, 21 May 2019 (UTC)[reply]
      Richard - based in NYC with Wikimedia chapter, coordinating Wiki Loves Pride
    2. Blue Rasberry (talk) 13:56, 13 June 2019 (UTC)[reply]
      note taker, member of Wiki LGBT
    3. -- Freddy2001 talk 14:23, 13 June 2019 (UTC)[reply]
      editing since 2012, first time at Wiki LGBT meeting member of Wikimedia Germany, nowadays shorter on time.
    4. Howard Herman Senior - user:howardhermann law student in San Francisco, first time joining Wiki LGBT meeting
      • Present at Wikimedia Austria's office:
    5. Josie Fraser MWUK
      chair of Wikimedia UK, interested as LGBT+ community member, Wiki UK has been seeking to promote LGBT+
    6. --Shikeishu (talk) 13:53, 21 May 2019 (UTC)[reply]
      organized Wikimedia for Peace in Austria, third year organizing an LGBT+ event around Europride where they develop Wiki LGBT+ content then participate in Europride
    7. Lorna M. Campbell MWUK
      University of Edinburgh, Wikimedian in Residence
    8. Metrophil
    9. Amir (talk) 15:23, 13 June 2019 (UTC)[reply]
      Wikimedia Germany, long time volunteer, collaborating with Mohsen
    10. Andrey - from Russia, Wikimedians of Erzya language user group, works on LGBT+ topics in Erzya (:myv) language Wikipedia
    11. Simon - from Germany, attending Wikipedia for Peace, LGBT+ topics on German Wikipedia
    12. FiliP ██ 15:16, 13 June 2019 (UTC)[reply]
      Wikimedia Serbia, chair
    13. Bojan Cvetanović (talk) 15:13, 13 June 2019 (UTC)[reply]
      office manager at Wikimedia Serbia, coordinating Wiki Loves Pride
    14. Mickey - Wikimedia Serbia, also promoting Wiki Loves Pride
    15. Houssem - Wikimedia Tunisia, previously organized a Wiki LGBT event in Tunia
    16. Mohsen - from Wikimedia Iran


    >> Please add your agenda item and who will lead the discussion (if possible) <<

    1. Rolling notes - Wikimedia LGBT etherpad
      1. Anyone can take notes with default Wikimedia compatible copyright licensing
      2. These notes get transferred from etherpad to wiki after every meeting
    2. Welcome and Introductions
      noted above in attendance
      Joining in person is a group of people visiting Wikimedia Austraia, who are in the same room and joining the video chat
    3. LGBT+ Wikimedia Summit report (currently under construction) (Shikeishu)
      Thomas reported that he finished the report from the Wikimedia Conference. It is available for anyone to read. Discuss online!
    4. Movement Strategy Process via Organizational Strategy Liaison update (Shikeishu)
      1. Thomas is the "strategy liaison" for the Wikimedia Foundation 2030 strategy process. He shared that it would be useful for community members to add more feedback of the sort that the Wikimedia Foundation is requesting. So far, he has not received any feedback, and LGBT+ topics are mostly absent from the "diversity" working group.
      2. Richard says that in these strategy processes, there are many questions and perhaps we should be
      3. Josie said that feedback from this group would be very welcome throughout the Wikimedia movement. She said that it should be a priority for us to get our feedback in because it would have a big impact.
    5. Wiki Loves Pride 2019 update (Pharos)
    6. Wikipedia book ethical dilemma (RachelWex)
    7. LGBT+ Wikimedian at large (Josie)
      1. Thomas reports that after the Wiki for Peace, the group is meeting with Delphine the grants officer from the Wikimedia Foundation to talk about funding for Wiki LGBT. She is in ##Josie said that there is consensus that there should be funding support for a Wiki LGBT coordinating administrator.
      2. Houssem said that Wikimedia CH (Switzerland) and Wikimedia France were happy with the outcome of the Wiki LGBT+ event in Tunis. These two groups want to support more international LGBT+ projects and they have funding to do this, but a restriction with them is that they need to support French language projects. That's fine - French language administration helps many regions and can promote LGBT+ content development everywhere. Josie floated the idea of there being two LGBT+ coordination posts. Would these people need to be part of the same program? Houssem answered no - as with many wiki programs, people can collaborate with each other. They do their own projects with their own strategy and needs. Still they help each other. The Wikimedia Foundation supports regional administration.
      3. Houssem said that perhaps no one should be seeking to service global north and global south, because in the sourth, a priority is onboarding totally new users, and in the North, a priority is getting deeper engagement from people who are already Wiki contributors.Austria to review the Austrian chapter, and the talk about funding for the LGBT chapter.
      4. Amir said that it would be ideal that while there are ~10 people in the room, it would be great to have a discussion and try to publish some things.
      5. Howard said "we need more feedback from Latin America". (context - no one from Latin America in this talk). Amir said that Osman in Wikimedia Chile has participated in Wiki LGBT events.
    8. Wikimania 2019
      1. general meetup - wmania:2019:Diversity/Wiki LGBT+ meetup
        1. Howard in the chat described "just a quick note on the guideline...the one on filtering homophobic comment..there might be an issue with “freedom of speech”. this is just a heads up after what happened with YouTube"
        2. Thomas said that Erik, organizer of the Wikimania Sweden event, asked for LGBT+ submissions. What submissions do we have?
        3. Houssem is presenting wiki LGBT at the Francophone meetup. Houssem said that perhaps we should develop the proposal about hiring a staffer
      2. Lane described the upcoming Wiki LGBT meetup at Wikimania. When should this be? Thomas said in early evening then go to a bar.
      3. Preparing for Wikimania
    9. Wikipedia for Peace visiting New York City in June 2019
      1. Occasion is 50th anniversary of Stonewall Riots
      2. Houssem reported that Saskia is coming to New York City to do a Wiki Loves Peace event and to document the 50-th anniversary of Stonewall
    10. Banner to promote Wiki Loves Pride
      1. Richard talked about Wiki Loves Pride as being a campaign of many events. Among other programs, it is a photo drive to alert people that they should upload photos of Pride event to Wikimedia Commons.
    11. General Pride Month activities, especially local meetups
      1. Recent news: Botswana, Taiwan, and Ecuador have either decriminalized or legalized gay marriage. update Wikipedia articles!
      2. Question - who is doing anything for Pride Month?
        Answer: The group is in a pride meetup right now!
        What else? Goal - get all events documented.
      3. Bojan said we have pride week every year in Belgrade Pride. A partner gives us space to meet for a one-week editathon and during Pride Parade, we take photos.
      4. Amir said that Wikimedia Netherlands does a hackathon for underrepresented groups, and recently they had an LGBT-focused. Is a hackathon in the scope of Wikimedia LGBT? Answer: ##Yes, of course! We need LGBT+ participation in technical development.
    12. What are our next steps? - Action items
      1. circulate documentation about strategy document
      2. share meetup for middle of the night
      3. share links to any Wikimania events
      4. LGBT employee funding proposal
      5. Wiki Loves Pride banner / photo drive link

    Previous online meetings[edit]