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Wikimedia LGBT/2021-07-06

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This online meetup is open to all members of the LGBT+ User Group, and is intended as an opportunity to discuss shared opportunities, challenges, and issues.

  • Date: Tuesday 6 July 2021 1600 UTC (1700 UK, 1800 DE, 0900 PDT)
  • See your local time here
  • GCal: link
  • Location: Zoom Meeting ID: 828 9041 0988 Passcode: WMLGBT+7

Please help us take rolling notes - Wikimedia LGBT etherpad (it will be transferred to wiki (below) after the meeting)

The Wikimedia Friendly Space Policy and Universal Code of Conduct will be followed for this meeting.





Welcome and introduction (Fæ)


Governance team (Fæ)

  • This committee is carried over from the Queering Wikipedia organizing group
  • Right now this group handles all private discussion, including complaints, conversations about institutional partnerships before public discussion
  • We need a complaint process in place before the 2022 Queering Wikipedia event, and now is time for planning it

QW2021 Planning Team and update on budget (Owen)

  • Spending rest of budget on translation of event documentation (French, Spanish, Croatian, Russian, Polish, Arabic, Turkish, Japanese). It would be great to get queer volunteers of the respective language communities to link it on relevant pages and proof read the translations
    • We have approval from CAlmog (WMF), the Wikimedia Foundation grant officer, to use remaining budget to translate event documentation which we can reuse in the future
    • Wikimedia Austria got price estimates of professional translation
    • It would be helpful if Wiki LGBT+ members could send the translations to native speakers for our own internal confirmation that the translations are appropriate. Like for example, they should use correct language for general and social activity terms
    • Q: Have the translations started?
      • Owen: not yet, we are still awaiting approval here (and see next question)
    • Q: Does the English text need a review before we send it to translators?
      • the text has been reviewed by Owen, Fæ, Jeffrey and Rachel
      • Action for Owen: Get this onto Meta for community review
  • Procedure for Pride Month budget
    • there is a sum of money put aside for Wiki Loves Pride activities
    • we need to confirm the plan for spending this; Pharos of Wiki NYC has a plan
    • Action for Owen: Check in with Pharos to get him to liaise with WMAT

Prioritizing content for all languages (Lane)



  • There are certain LGBT+ concepts we want shared across cultures; there is a draft list on Meta (Wiki99/LGBT+), this has a dashboard of a handful of different Wikipedia instances
  • From this, we can make a campaign to get these translated across Wikis. We should aim for ~100 as an order of magnitude (10 is too few, 1000 is too many).
  • The idea is to agree the article list and coordinate translation. We're not sure that any other WikiProject has done this yet, so this would be great to get this moving — and to consider using the LGBT+ Wiki99 list as a model for every other topic
  • Lane works at a university and secures funding for Wiki-related projects, which are often related to translations. He shared some grant proposals in the chat (links below), which could be a model for us doing similar.
  • There is a lot of potential for funding in some areas (especially Medicine) and less in others, so finding funding for tools and comms is likely to be easier than for subject-specific content areas.
  • That said, Chen, as our QW2021 contact at WMF, said that the Foundation would be very interested in funding applications from the User Group
  • Owen raised a concern that it's very North America and NW Europe focussed, though it's also important to note that it shouldn't be people from the Global North picking which concepts and biographies should be "chosen" from the Global South. Anyone who has suggestions for diversifying the list should feel free to do so.
  • We should identify who the key stakeholders are for signing off the section lists before we start a campaign — they can also help promote.
  • the stakes are 4 seats on the Wikimedia Foundation board of trustees: Candidates
  • Wiki editors are eligible to vote, and we should encourage our membership to vote between 4–17 August
  • would any individuals like to share their priorities in voting
  • Having looked through the list of questions, Owen noticed very little about the Universal Code of Conduct and would propose that we ask such a question.
  • How can we encourage people to vote?
  • How can we encourage LGBT+ recognition and advocacy in WMF board trustee planning?
  • Should we have a voting guide?
    • Previous elections have voting guides
    • If we published one, it could present what we find about candidate's past advocacy for anything LGBT+