Wikimedia LGBT/2021-08-03

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This online videoconference is open to all participants of the LGBT+ User Group, and is intended as an opportunity to discuss shared opportunities, challenges, and issues.

  • Date: Tuesday 3 August 2021 1600 UTC (1700 UK, 1800 DE, 0900 PDT)
  • See your local time here
  • GCal: link
  • Location: Zoom Meeting ID: 870 9368 6949 Passcode: wmlgbt+8

Please help us take rolling notes - Wikimedia LGBT etherpad (it will be transferred to wiki (below) after the meeting)

The Wikimedia Friendly Space Policy and Universal Code of Conduct will be followed for this meeting.


  1. Intro (Jeffrey, 2 min)
  2. Final report on QW2021 (Jeffrey, 3 min)
    1. Diff post on QW2021 (Fae, 1 min)
  3. Summary from Governance Committee Wikimedia LGBT+/Governance/2021-07-31 (Jeffrey, 10 min)
  4. Twitter account blue badge (Fae, 2 min)
  5. QW Planning team status (Owen, 3 min)
  6. Translations on Meta and Wiki99 (Owen, 5 min)
  7. Edit-a-thon XPOSED Queer Film Festival 2021 - please endorse Rapid Grant proposal (Shikeishu, 1 min)



  1. Intro (Jeffrey, 2 min)
    1. Welcome. This meeting follows the friendly space policy and the Universal Code of Conduct. Links are in the agenda. We seek to keep this meeting safe and affirm the contributions of all contributors. The agenda is on the meeting page. I think everyone here knows each other.
  2. Final report on QW2021 (Jeffrey, 3 min)
    1. The final report for Queering Wikipedia has been posted. The link is in the agenda. This was due in June, but we had complications in managing translation costs. That administration was more complicated than expected. The team is waiting for feedback from the Wikimedia Foundation grants officer overseeing Wikimedia LGBT+. There had been a change in the grants team while we were well into planning the event, and that transition was positive. We expect that the new grant officer will continue to be supportive. As everyone takes a look at the the report feel free to share comments in these live meetings, in Telegram, or on the talk page of Wikimedia LGBT+. To recap - this was planned as a live event, then became a remote event, then became multilingual. These changes all took labor to make. There are a couple of line items from the original budget which were not spent for the event but which we still may have the opportunity to spend. We had plans to allocate them but they have not been spent. Richard / Pharos of Wikimedia NYC had ways of spending this money as that organization has ongoing LGBT+ programs.
    2. Fae: Is the report "submitted to the Wikimedia Foundation" but not "accepted by the Wikimedia Foundation"
    3. Jeffrey: Yes, this is the status of the report.
  3. Diff post on QW2021 (Fae, 1 min)
    1. The Wikimedia Foundation invited a post on their official blog. They suggested 500 words. One of the objectives of the working weekend was capacity development. Describing this in that post would make a record of what we did. Fae volunteered to put the words together but wants community feedback.
  4. Summary from Governance Committee Wikimedia LGBT+/Governance/2021-07-31 (Jeffrey, 10 min)
    1. One of the outcomes of the Queering Wikipedia 2021 event was to have a governance structure to build internal capacity. This structure for now is a "governance committee". This committee is Fae, Jeffrey, Owen, and Rachel. There was a meeting last weekend with Rachel absent. The agenda was to review finance, complaints, and creating structure for some private discussion. The committee identified a need for LGBT+ especially to have an internal process to discuss private problems as these seem to surface more in the LGBT+ community more than in the Wikimedia community generally. How this happens, who manages it, and how we advertise private support services are to be determined. Some outcomes that we want from the Queering Wikipedia 2021 event will help people on the outside take Wikimedia LGBT+ more seriously and also for people within the group to feel more confident in its actions.
  5. Twitter account blue badge (Fae, 2 min)
    1. Wikimedia LGBT+ applied for a blue badge on the "wikilgbt" twitter account. The account has a large following. Women in Red recently got blue badge status. Fae contacted them to ask how that happened. That organization said that they applied, got rejected, then applied again without changing much and they got accepted. Fae suggested setting up a website off wiki.
    2. from Lane:
    3. support for website from Lane and Owen
  6. QW Planning team status (Owen, 3 min)
    1. This will be hybrid planning for both online and an in-person event, as we do not know if COVID may prevent an in-person gathering a year from now in summer 2022.
    2. we need a grant writer to post a proposal for a meta proposal; there are ideas but no one in particular seems available to lead the role
  7. Translations on Meta and Wiki99 (Owen, 5 min)
    1. Owen: I have applied for translation rights in meta and received them. I have done a lot of translation and category maintanence.
  8. Edit-a-thon XPOSED Queer Film Festival 2021 - please endorse Rapid Grant proposal (Shikeishu, 1 min)
    1. this is a queer film festival in Berlin
    2. the focus is experimental film
    3. Q: Can we do a user group endorsement?
    4. A:this is unprecedented, let's do this, it seems like something we want to do for LGBT+ themed events
  9. Passing of Sherwin Siy
    2. a friend of Wikimedia LGBT+
  10. Wikimedia Foundation elections
    1. Owen asked current board member Esra, who is LGBT+ for opinions about the election; she declined to comment which is typical for board members
    3. she did say that she wanted to stay in touch with Wiki LGBT+
  11. Movement Charter Drafting committee
    1. Christophe: there have been several global conversations about this
    2. there are a few candidates right now and not as many volunteers so far as expected, although it is early