Wikimedia LGBT/2021-11-02

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This online videoconference is open to all participants of the LGBT+ User Group, and is intended as an opportunity to discuss shared opportunities, challenges, and issues.

  • Date: Tuesday 2 November 2021 1700 UTC
  • See your local time here
  • Location: Zoom

Agenda & Minutes[edit]

  1. Annual report
  2. 2022 conference proposal
  3. AOB
  1. Annual report
    • This was discussed and added to during the meeting. A draft by L. was put out by email link at the end of the meeting.
    • As part of the annual report there was discussion about membership count, which pointed to the increased international participation this past year, including the use of Telegram for more non-English participation and new members who are mainly Chinese and Japanese editors.
  2. Funds for the 2022 conference proposal preparation were discussed, this was deferred to the next meeting with a suggestion that the governance team assess what payment is suitable if the draft is completed before the end of this year (Round 2 funding cycle).
  3. Brief discussion on the Movement Charter Drafting Committee process highlighted general non-understanding of how the behind the scenes representation of communities worked.
  4. Discussion on the practicalities of a published review as part of WMLGBT+'s role as a stakeholder concluded this was a realistic opportunity if the most interested volunteers could aim for short pieces such as interviews or opinions based on modest research.


  • 4 participants, apologies from J.
  • There were some temporary technical issues on the call.