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Wikimedia LGBT/2022-05-17

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This online videoconference is open to all participants of the LGBT+ User Group, and is intended as an opportunity to discuss shared opportunities, challenges, and issues.

  • Date: 17 May
  • GCal: link
  • Location: Zoom The meeting will have an entry lobby, please reach out on the Telegram group if you are left waiting.

The Wikimedia Friendly Space Policy and Universal Code of Conduct will be followed for this meeting.


  1. Lane Rasberry
  2. Z. Blace (first 30min)
  3. Nattes à chat
  4. Timid Robot
  5. (others)


  1. mini updates from attendees
  2. Queering Wikipedia 2022
    1. grant has been paid to Wikimedia Austria
      1. Wiki LGBT can invoice expenses to Wiki Austria to get payment
      2. Wikimedia LGBT+ signed an agreement with the WMF for this
      3. WMF has not published this agreement (this is a bit unusual, wiki usually share text of these things)
      4. there are many aspects to discuss about this conference but there are dedicated conference meetings, and this is a general Wiki LGBT+ meeting
    2. part of the conference includes "nodes" of participation, which are small grants that Wiki LGBT+ can make to regional community centers who would host participants to join the conference
      1. we have a request to establish a node in a region which does not have a registered Wikimedia user group. We may seek advice from the Wikimedia Foundation on how and whether to go for this. There may be sensitive issues about safety for nodes in countries which sometimes discourage LGBT+ community organization
      2. the region is West Africa. A group of Wikipedia editors in this region asked for support.
      3. We alone, Wikimedia LGBT+, do not have resources to provide safety support if something goes wrong
      4. counterpoint: it may not be for us to judge whether the safety concerns we perceive are a concern. The group asked for support, none of us know about the politics or life of this region except that we have read in Wikipedia that LGBT rights are restricted.
      5. We might be able to get more information by asking a larger LGBT conference with participation in Africa what they do.
      6. Here are some Nigerian LGBT+ organizations which may know something
        1. https://transnational-queer-underground.net/lgbt-organizations-nigeria/
        2. https://theinitiativeforequalrights.org/about-us/
  3. Wiki Loves Pride 2022
    1. for meta we have
      1. https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wiki_Loves_Pride/2021
      2. https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wiki_Loves_Pride/2020
      3. https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wiki_Loves_Pride/2019
    2. for French Wikipedia this year we have
      1. https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Projet:LGBT/Mois_des_fiert%C3%A9s/2022
      2. and on meta https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wiki_Loves_Pride/History_month
    3. we cannot move without admin permission on meta because of translation restrictions
    4. English Wikipedia has this year-long campaign
      1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Wiki_Loves_Pride/2022
      2. French Wikipedia is doing an LGBT+ History month, and English and others have done this month in the past, but right now there are not other identified groups doing this. It is still a popular idea.
    5. Need to reconcile meta to present all these various campaigns in various languages
  4. Conversation series proposal
    1. https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_LGBT%2B/conversation_series_proposal
    2. updated: the budget is revised based on community questions and request
    3. again, this conversation series is proposed to address social and ethical issues relating to LGBT+ people and topics in the Wikimedia Movement
    4. also, this conversation series proposal is for LGBT+, but is also a model for encouraging other wiki community groups to ask for money to organize their own discussions
    5. Nattes: I participate in a women's wiki group. We also have been talking about social issues in our community.
    6. One of the issues which we are discussing is the participation and leadership of men in Wiki women's groups. Men are invited and welcome, but the group is women's interest and there are some times when men and women in the group have different expectations of participate.
    7. Nattes: could this women's group host one of these talks in this proposal? The issue there is non-women in women's events. That seems similar to non-LGBT+ in LGBT+ events.
    8. Lane: To me that sounds like the same issue. Maybe your group could host this talk in this grant.
    9. Timid Robot: allies taking up too much space is a difficult issue. i love the idea of a game that inspires reflection and self awareness
    10. yes we need solutions for sharing time and attention in group activities
    11. if we had this funded and a conversation facilitator appointed by end of July, then this conversation series could be running in advance of the Queering Wikipedia conference and complement it nicely
    12. who would be the administrator?
      1. Lane: there is no one in mind. We were imagining a public call for facilitors and then a selection by the Wikimedia LGBT+ governance committee
      2. The budget is quite detailed on how to run this program
      3. Timid: i'm a big fan of closes spaces. i don't think open spaces are sustainable without them