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Welcome to the LGBT+ featured picture drive competition!

Hold on! The competition is not open yet. The competition launch date will be as agreed for the Central Notice. This is expected to be in May 2017.

The competition encourages the best quality photographs with LGBT+ cultural related content, such as from Pride events, to be released to Wikimedia Commons. The goal is to see a jump in the numbers of LGBT+ cultural related photographs nominated for Featured Picture status.

There are three $100 prizes for photographs gaining Featured Picture status on different language Wikipedias, and prizes of $200 and $100 for those gaining Featured Picture status centrally on Wikimedia Commons, which has the most technically challenging criteria.

Photographers are limited to one prize, and each Wikipedia Featured Picture process will be eligible for a maximum of one prize. Featured Picture candidate pages exist in 34 different language Wikipedias, see list. For detailed rules and objectives refer to Rules and Proposal.

Does your photograph qualify?[edit]

Example of a visual LGBT+ theme, in this case two men kissing during a protest event.

To be eligible for the prize competition, photographs must have a visual LGBT+ theme and be within the educational scope of Wikimedia Commons. For ideas on suitable content, refer to examples at c:Category:LGBT.

The criteria for Featured Picture varies by project. The technical and photography skill requirements for Wikimedia Commons Featured Pictures are set high, while on Wikipedia projects encyclopedic value is a critical part of the assessment.

How to enter the competition[edit]

Follow these steps:

  1. Upload your photograph to Wikimedia Commons, this makes the file available to all Wikimedia projects. See c:Special:UploadWizard, and if you are not familiar with Commons or the copyright licenses available, refer to c:Help:Contents.
  2. Ensure you have email enabled for your Wikimedia account so we can email you back, then leave a note with the link at Talk:Candidate list. The image will be added to the list of candidates once confirmed.
  3. The competition panel will email you back to confirm whether the subject's theme is suitable as a candidate within a few days.
  4. You can proceed with raising a Featured Picture candidate nomination on your preferred project in advance of confirmation. If you would like some help with the Featured Picture process, please ask in your email.

Competition entrants will be eligible to win one prize. To avoid overwhelming the process, multiple entries from a photographer will be considered serially, see Rules. For entrants where the uploading account is pseudonymous, emailed information will be kept confidential, however your legal identity and receiving account details will need to be provided by email to be paid prize winnings.

Help us promote the competition[edit]

Please help encourage entries to the competition by posting and tweeting links. Example templates are below for you to cut and paste.

Wikimedia notices[edit]

The banners being used for the competition are listed at Banners.