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Wikimedia Language Diversity Hub/2030 Strategy alignment

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The following are the initiatives from the movement strategy process (numbers in the table correspond to initiative numbers on the linked page) that we feel this hub could help implementing.

Recommendations Initiatives
1. Increase the Sustainability of Our Movement 2. Funding for underrepresented communities
1. Increase the Sustainability of Our Movement 6. Engagement of third party ecosystems
2. Improve User Experience 11. Resources for newcomers
2. Improve User Experience 12. Peer-2-peer spaces
2. Improve User Experience 14. Cross-project tool development and reuse
5. Coordinate across stakeholders 28. Living documents to define responsibilities for specific areas of work.
29. Enhance communication and collaboration capacity with partners and collaborators.
30. Technology Council (for improved communication, coordination and support)
6. Identify topics for Impact 36. Identify the impact of Wikimedia projects & content, Misinformation, Identifying impactful topics.
37. List of high-impact topics, Bridging content gaps.
38. Content initiatives in underrepresented communities
9. Innovate in Free Knowledge 39. Identifying policies that hinder knowledge equity.
40. Policies for experimentation with projects for knowledge equity