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On June 27, 2011 meets in the city of Colima, members of Club Wikimedia Colima -part of Wikimedia México- for detail various Wikimedia projects between Wikimedia Mexico and the University of Colima, including:

  • Volunteers WikiTech
  • Internships with students.
  • WikiCátedra.
  • Creation of a Data Center
  • GLAM with Museum of the University of Colima
  • Document a museum collection and upload it to WikiGLAM


  • Faculty of Telematics, University of Colima

Wikimedia Colima Club Participants[edit]

  • Hugo Rodriguez
  • Angelita Mojica
  • Rodolfo Velasco

Participants Faculty of Telematics[edit]

  • Dr. Peter Damian
  • Dr. Rafael Gutiérrez


  • A dialogue in which participants exchanged views on various projects, specifically: what expect Wikimedia Foundation of the University of Colima? Also exchanged opinions about the reliability of Wikipedia and what is being done to achieve it.
  • The University of Colima look for a formal specification of what Wikimedia Mexico as part of the Wikimedia Foundation. University expect and know the real commitment that would have to WMF.
  • University of Colima wanted a technical specification of the Wikimedia Foundation, regarding the participation of students, ie what activities take place to improve the system.
  • As an important part of student development and as an incentive, it handles fellowships. Wikimedia Foundation is willing to support students in this way?


  • Provide solutions to the questions raised during the meeting, to verify the feasibility of the project and start generating options.
  • It is very important to encourage students, so they feel comfortable participating in the project.
  • Information is requested about what is being done to ensure the reliability of the content of Wikipedia.
  • Club Wikimedia Colima will be contacted via email with Dr. Rafael Gutierrez and Pedro Damián, in order to follow the approach of the project.
  • The next meeting between the Club Wikimedia Colima and the University of Colima has a date and venue to be determined.