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Two members (Abderrahman Ait-Ali and Anass Sedrati) from the user group took part of the conference.
They took part of different sessions from both the strategy track and the capacity building track. In addition to the thematic sessions with Arabic community, Berber and Darija language community with Algerian Wikimedians, Iberian community.
  • WikiGap Rabat 2018, (7 March)
The WikiGap workshop was organised at the Swedish Embassy in Rabat. workshop which aims to improve the Moroccan women's representativeness on Wikipedia, in order to reduce the existing gap in terms of encyclopedic content, compared to men.
During the day, the participants focused on creating articles about female personalities from politics and civil society.
  • Wikipedia WorkShop (21st - 22nd October 2012) at 6th of October City (Egypt)

Mohamed Amarochan (Mohamed Amarochan) took part at Wikipedia WorkShop organized in 6th of October City.

  • Wikipedia WorkShop (26th - 27th January 2013) at Amman (Jordan)

Zakaria Wadghiri (زكريا) participated in the Wikipedia WorkShop organized in Amman.

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Zakaria Wadghiri (زكريا) has represented Morocco at the 9th edition of the international conference Wikimania, and gave a presentation titled "A Proposal for Progressive Disclosure in Wikipedia".

Four Moroccans have participed in the first regional conference about Wikipedia in the Arabic World : Anass Sedrati (Anass Sedrati), Ismael Zniber (Ismael zniber), Mohammed Mokhtari (محمد مختاري) and Zakaria Wadghiri (زكريا), this last made an intervention about Developing Arabic Wikipedia and Sister Projects.

Two members of the user group have participated in the producer prize organized on the Arabic version of Wikipedia, this semi-annual prize rewards contributors who have done important work on the encyclopedia during a specific period ; Omar Ghrida (Omar Ghrida) and Mohamed Boualam (محمد بوعلام عصامي), this last won the third place (100 $ US).