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Wikimedia Macedonia/Wiki seminar/Using a bot is a proposed project of the Wikimedia local chapter, Wikimedia Macedonia. This project is due to be a seminar, on which a presentation, followed by a discussion, and practice about pywikipedia framework, pywikipedia bots, and php bots will be presented.


  • Name: Using a bot (in Macedonian: Работа со бот)
  • Category: seminar
  • Date and Time: unknown
  • Place: unknown (probably Skopje)
  • Duration: app. 2 h, or more (this is random number, which depends of the quality of the whole presentation, and the understanding of the presents)
  • Venue: unknown
  • Presentors: eligible Wikimedians (probably, one of them will be Brest)
  • Audience: Wikimedians


This is an educational project, that aims to spreed the eligibility for the usage of bots on Internet, especially on Wikimedia projects.


The benefits of this project would be:

  • Increasing the number of people, that know how to use bot.
  • Mastering the usage of bots on Wikimedia projects.

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