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Our mission:

Assist and guide newcomers to create and edit content on Wikimedia Projects[edit]

Provide resources for how to edit and create Wikipedia, Wikivoyage, Wikinews, and Wikiversity pages.[edit]

Collaborate in small group discussions with locally experienced editors, such as a local experienced editor helping other editors from different projects to understand the ecosystem of certain Wikimedia Projects.[edit]

Perfect Articles from Newcomers Through Motivation[edit]

Provide Group discussions for Physical/Mental Health Needs[edit]

Note: The Wikimedia Navigator User Group does not provide medical advice and provides no warranty for content discussed during group discussions regarding this specific subject. Always consult a state-licensed professional before attempting treatment, therapy, or medication.

Provide Peer Review from Multi-FA editors and reviewers[edit]

Connecting People Who we share a common goal[edit]

Establish a Global Forum based on AFC for idea exchange from reviewers, editors, and newcomers[edit]

Make Wikimedia Projects a Welcoming Place[edit]