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Wikimedians of Nepal
(An Independent Group of Volunteer Wikimedians)
Map of Nepal

Wikimedia Nepal (Affiliated by the Wikimedia Foundation as Wikimedians of Nepal user group) is a community (Proposed Non-profit Charitable Organization) formed with the objectives of support, promote and develop free educational materials (media) in various languages spoken in Nepal including the lingua franca Nepali Language. The charity will not have any control over the content of Wikipedia and other Wiki project although it will support Wikipedia, a free encyclopedia and its sister projects as well as other activities to expand the production, distribution and use of open knowledge.

The community has been set up since 17th July, 2010 and now has been recognized by the WMF as "Wikimedians of Nepal User Group. It is in process of getting affiliation from the Wikimedia Foundation and registration in the District Administration Office (Kathmandu) Nepal. Active contributors from Nepali Wikipedia, media persons and people working in open source community are working in the ac-hoc committee of Wikimedia Nepal.

Wikipedia in Nepal was begun with Nepali language Wikipedia on June 3, 2002. Nepali Wikipedia has celebrated its 12th Anniversary on June 3, 2014.

Nepali Wikipedia Community[edit]

The Wikipedians in Nepal come from various language background.

  • Nepali Language - The National Language and Lingua Franca
  • Maithili Language- The second largest user base language (Still has no wikipedia in incubation)
  • Bhojpuri Language
  • Newari
  • Pali
  • Sanskrit
  • Other Languages- There are 123 languages spoken in Nepal and 8 out of them in incubation.

Contribution in Nepali language Wikimedia mainly come from Nepal and some states of India (Sikkim, Assam state and Darjeeling District of West Bengal).

Wikis in Different Languages in Nepal

Wikimedia Nepal Ad-hoc committee

Wikimedia Nepal Advisors

Draft By-Laws (English)

Draft By-Laws in Nepali

Recent Activities

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