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Wikimedia Northern Europe Meeting 2019
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Each affiliate can choose up to five (5) people to act as their representatives at the event. It is possible for an affiliate to have fewer representatives.

As there will be two groups, then please mark on what group the person will belong into (G1 = old-timers; G2 = newcomers).

Affiliate Name Representative 1 Representative 2 Representative 3 Representative 4 Representative 5 Comments
Icons-flag-dk.png Wikimedia Danmark Finn Årup Nielsen (G1) Matthias Smed Larsen (G1)
Icons-flag-ee.png Wikimedia Eesti Eva Lepik (G1) Vahur Puik (G1) Julia P. (G2) Metsavend (G1)
Icons-flag-fi.png Wikimedia Suomi Kulttuurinavigaattori (G1) Zache (G2) Yupik (G1) Haltiamieli (G2) Lentokonefani (G1)
Icons-flag-no.png Wikimedia Norge Hogne (G1) Jon Harald Søby (G1) Sabine Rønsen (G2) Mewasul (G2) Premeditated (G2)
Icons-flag-se.png Wikimedia Sverige Axel Pettersson (G1) Bengt Oberger (G1) Audrey Leiboda (G1) Sanja Šain-Strömberg (G2) Per W (G2)
Icons-flag-is.png Wikimedians of Iceland Gamithra Marga (G2)
Icons-flag-lv.png Wikimedians of Latvia Feens (G2) Edgars2007 (G1) silraks (G2) AgrisR (G2) selection page
Icons-flag-lt.png Lithuanian community invite message
Icons-flag-ru.png Northwest Russia drbug (G1) aervin (G1)


Following people help us to organize, facilitate & document this event.

Participants' gallery[edit]

We want to hear from you before arriving to Estonia! For this reason, we are inviting you to present yourself as well as to answer two important questions: a) how can you help other Nordic wikimedians? b) what do you want to get out of the conference?

Photo / Avatar (Optional) Name About me I can help out with... What I would like to get out of the conference is...
Heikki kuva 8 2019.jpg Kulttuurinavigaattori Wikipedist since 2005 and still running. Wikimedist since 2015. I could give a lightning talk about a glossary of Wikimedia related words I wrote, title: "The words we use". Meeting with people, discussing about purpose, strategy, communication and copyrights.
Wikimedia Sverige at Fotomässan 2011 DSC 2627.jpg Axel Pettersson Full time Wikimedian, working with GLAM and outreach at Wikimedia Sverige by day and contributing as Haxpett by night. Support to the community and contact with GLAMs. Better contact between communities, both in the WikiNEM region and the rest of the world.
WMSE Styrelse 2012-03-03 DSC 1427.jpg Bengt Oberger Wikimedian since 2007, board member of WMSE Interested in what chapters can do to support wp:s in minority languages.
User:Per W Continuously editing Wikipedia since 10+ years, mostly minor corrections, but sometimes writing paragraphs. Structure information. Learn from what others do.
Audrey Lebioda Editing Wikipedia since 2016, mostly about art and artists. Coordinating volunteers. Interested on how chapters can work together.
WM Northern Europe Meeting 2018 - Edgars2007 WM.jpg Edgars Košovojs Editing Wikipedia since 2009, in last years - trying to help other community members be more efficient with technical help. help boost your Wikipedia
Miku Malinen Wikipedian since 2010, fiwiki admin since 2016, Wikimedia Suomi board member since 2019. Organizing editing contests. I would like to hear about the projects other chapters are doing.
Wikimedia Summit 2019 - Portrait Hogne Neteland (1).jpg Hogne Neteland Wikipedian since 2005, Wikimedia Norway board member since 2014. Chair of Wikimedia Noreg I would like that we establish Wikimedia Northern Europe as an movement organisation according to the new Wikipedia strategy.
Vahur Puik ambrotype by Tarmo Virves.jpg Vahur Puik GLAM and photographic heritage person, project manager of .

Team gallery[edit]

Photo / Avatar (Optional) Name About me I can help out with... What I would like to get out of the conference is...
Märt Põder at WikiNEM.png Märt Põder Wikimedia Estonia board member, helping with program and documentation Partnerships with other organizations in Estonia, advocacy and random hacking, death curse of Tartu Shared strategic goals
Avaandmete päev 2018 - 10.jpg Ivo Kruusamägi long time wikimedian ...solving your problems during the meeting (and creating new ones after the meeting). New joint projects
Nicolás Tamargo.jpg Nicolás Tamargo Wikimedia Estonia board member, helping with documentation and friendly spaces Wikidata queries, Tartu-related stuff, a bit of code review if needed. Ideas on getting more new collaborators on board