Wikimedia Philippines/Resolutions/Proposed/Conflict of Interest Policy

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Wikimedia Philippines is an organization whose trustees, officers and members have been selected to fulfill the public purposes to which it is dedicated to fulfilling. These persons have a duty to conduct the affairs of the organization in a manner consistent with such purposes and not to advance their personal interests in the performance of their duties. They have a clear obligation to conduct all affairs of the organization according to the highest ethical standards, and loyalty, honesty, truthfulness and moral virtue are expected to be practiced and upheld in all actions.

This conflict of interest policy is intended to permit the organization and its trustees, officers and members to identify, evaluate, and address any real, potential, or apparent conflicts of interest that might, in fact or in appearance, call into question their duty of undivided loyalty to the organization.

Section 1. Coverage[edit]

This policy applies to the members of the Board of Trustees, officers and members of Wikimedia Philippines, hereinafter referred to as "Covered Persons".

Section 2. Covenant[edit]

Covered Persons agree to place the welfare of the organization above personal interests, interest of the family members, or others who may be personally involved in substantial affairs affecting the organization's basic functions.

Section 3. General Disclosure[edit]

Covered Persons shall disclose all relationships and business affiliations which may now, or in the future potentially conflict with the interests of the organization or bring personal gain to them or their family business. A Covered Person shall be considered as having a significant relationship with another party if:

  1. The other party is related to the Covered Person up to the third degree of affinity or consanguinity
  2. The other party is an entity in which the Covered Person has a material financial interest. This includes entities in which the Covered Person and all individuals or entities having significant relationships with the Covered Person own, in the aggregate, more than 10 percent of the other party
  3. The Covered Person is an officer, director, trustee, partner, or employee of the other party.

Section 4. Method of Disclosure[edit]

Each Covered Person shall be required to acknowledge, not less than annually, that he or she has read and is in compliance with this policy, and shall fill out a Conflict of Interest Form to that effect. All disclosures shall be referred to the Secretary.

Information disclosed in the Conflict of Interest Form shall be held in confidence except when the organization's best interest would be served by bringing the information to the attention of the Board of Trustees and the other officers of the organization.

Any individual who is uncertain about a conflict of interest in any matter shall disclose such possible conflict to the appropriate individual as noted above.

Section 5. Recusal[edit]

When a Covered Person becomes aware of a transaction that might subject them to a potential conflict of interest, they shall desist from participating in the deliberation concerning the proposed transaction. They are expected to excuse themselves from the meeting unless explicitly requested by the Chair to remain in the meeting to interpret or provide information. Disregard for the need to excuse themselves invite the Chair to request their withdrawal from the meeting room.

Section 6. Failure to Disclose[edit]

All Covered Persons should recognize that disclosure of personal and business interest is a requirement for continued affiliation or employment with the organization, and deliberate failure to disclose a potential conflict of interest could result in disaffiliation or termination of membership.