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The Wikimedia Quarto is the official newsletter of the Wikimedia Foundation, started in September 2004. The newsletter's goal is to distribute regular updates about the Foundation's activities as widely as possible, and to provide a forum for Jimbo, the Board, and the projects to report on important events.

The first goal of the Quarto is to publish quarterly in 10 languages, and include original content related to Wikimedia from project members, essayists, and great thinkers in related fields. The intended audience is both contributors to Wikimedia projects and people interested in Wikimedia Foundation activities.

Practically speaking, Quarto is written then translated on meta, then transferred on the Foundation website. Some of its pages are only written by the board and its officers. Other pages welcome all participants.


Quarto is at anytime readable on Wikimedia Foundation website.
Besides, we'll start distributing the newsletter with issue 4, by mail and as a pdf.

You can sign up to receive the newsletter by email, and for monthly updates in-between newsletters.

Help write the Quarto[edit]

You can get an overview of the Quarto structure and participate at draft content. You don't need to participate in English: you can write in your own language if it is more comfortable; we will translate it for you.

Aside from writing articles, help is welcome to illustrate the Quarto with images, usually picked up from Wikicommons.

We also need general design help  : please submit cover-art suggestions for the next newsletter!

If you are interested in working on one of the versions of the newsletter (we could use more designers, a font expert, and a community reporter), or if you have general comments to share, leave feedback on the talk page here, or send mail to newsletter(at) or join quarto-l mailinglist.

Finally, anyone is welcome to help to proofread the text submitted.

Help translate the Quarto[edit]

Once Quarto content is decided and frozen, we try to have it translated to reach a larger audience.

We hope to distribute Quarto in several languages spoken accross our projects. For this, we need translators in many languages. For translation overviews, see Translation requests/WQ.

We are currently working on translation of Quarto 3 : Translation requests/WQ/3.

Help distribute and announce the Quarto[edit]

Quarto is announced by various means. See WQ/Distribution.

If you wish to help with the announcement message, see WQ3 release message.

To help with sending the newsletter by email, please see Wikimedia Quarto/Email.


The Quarto has been published consistently in English, German, and French; usually also in Polish, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese, Italian and Chinese. Editions have been published in Hebrew, Arabic, Bulgarian, and Swedish.

Editions covering a given quarter are designed to be published as soon as possible during the following quarter.

See also[edit]

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Other links[edit]

Newsletter contests:

  • WQ/Cover - cover design contest : submit a sketch for a future cover
  • WQ/Banner - banner design contest : submit a banner design for the first page, or a themed banner design for one of the inside content pages.



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