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Wikimedia Research Network/Interests

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Members by interests.

You can propose ideas, add comments or subscribe to Research projects. Once a project reaches a critical mass of support, and really gets started, it will be moved to a separate project page.

X = interested ~ = less interested - = not interested blank = unknown

DT Categorization,
Development tasks
SL Single login Major software tasks
WD Wikidata
QC Quality control
Citation, peer review
I Internationalism  
S Sociological
L Legal
Username DT SL WD QC I S L Other
Eloquence X X X X X X X Communication with outside researchers and developers
David Gerard
Daniel Mayer
Lee Daniel Crocker X X X X
Mathias Schindler
Magnus Manske X
James F. X X X X
Erik Zachte X
Cormaggio X X Wikiversity, Wikis in education
Joseph Reagle
RobLa X .5 X
Michael Reschke X X Wikiversity, Wikipedia in education
Soufron X
Nikerabbit X X X
Kevin Baas X X
Andreas Brändle X
Kevin Gamble X X
Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason X X Redesign of the wikisyntax, User interface
Fuzheado X X X Metrics for evaluating trust/quality
WiseWoman X X X X X Wikiversity Metadata
John Schmidt X X research, peer review and institutional bias in wikis
Marco Kalz X X Methodological questions, Wikis in Education, Self-organization of WP
James Johnson X
Francis Schonken X X X X Usability
LoopZilla X X X X X Localization issues, skins, Wikis in higher education, semantic wiki
w:user:lazyquasar X X X X Wiki use in distributed open engr projects/virtual corporate low cash startups
here ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ X ~ Collaboration with researchers and academic self-analysis, Development of alternative interfaces, Metadata, Syndication_feeds, Share watchlists,
Eskimo X X X
MartinMai WD Wikiversity, Wikis in (language)education
Username DT SL WD QC I S L Other
Witty lama ~ ~ X X ~ Historical and academic context of Wikimedia projects
Randy Johnston X X X X X X X Wikisyntax, UI, usability, wikis in education.
Piotrus ~ ~ ~ X Evolution of decision making, wikis as a teaching tool.
Napa X X Wikipedia and Wikis in education
MmmmJoel X X Evolution of dispute resolution; Multilingual dispute resolution comparative.
Greeves ~ X X X X X X
Thunderhead ~ X X X X X X
Marc Schwenzer X - - x - X - Aspects of the production behaviour of wikipedians. User types. Structures of the social networks and structure of the production organization. Coordination and power.
Ziko van Dijk - - - - X X - History, language editions.
Staeiou ~ - ~ ~ - X X History and development of tech and social structures, also power relations
Rodrigo Gonzatto - - - - X X - Culture negociation in colaborative encyclopedias. Wikipedia and Wikiversity in education. Social structures and power relations in communities.
Hagurganus X X Modeling Interaction effects of pageviews by language/region with a plethora of other variables such as unemployment, education, etc.
Sami Mlouhi X X