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The Wikimedia Research Network is guided by the principles in general acceptance regarding the ethical treatment of human subjects of research. The Belmont Report is the most commonly cited document by researchers in the guidance of behaviorial science research. Any research conducted must also adhere to the Wikimedia privacy policy.

  • All data collection efforts will provide links to the WRN Privacy Policy.
  • Researchers will respect the privacy of all subjects.
  • No research will be conducted that could expose subjects to the risk of harm.
  • No research data will be released in a format that could lead to the personal identification of any subject.
  • Subjects will be informed of the goals, objectives, and purposes of the research before such time as any data is collected. See informed consent.
  • Subjects will be assured in all research projects that their individual data is confidential and will not be stored with personal identifying information.
  • Research results will only be released publically in an analyzed or aggregated format.
  • Individuals participating in research projects will be notified when results are made public.

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