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Wikimedia Rocky Mountains

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Wikimedia Rocky Mountains
  • Meetups
    • We should totally start some, man.
  • Other things
    • There will totally be some, man.

Wikimedia Rocky Mountains is the current working name for a proposal to create a local Wikimedia chapter based around US states in the Mountain timezone. This chapter is not yet in existence. This page serves as a place for discussion and documenting potential interest. Over time it may document the chapter's development, assuming it doesn't implode.

Following in the pattern of Wikimedia DC, Wikimedia NYC and Wikimedia New England, a Rocky Mountains chapter seems like a plausible future development to help develop the region. The legal location can either be determined by cost, location of lead organizer(s) or preferred nonprofit laws, although random whims may play in as well. The chapter could divide and rename years down the road if growth justifies. This chapter would likely interact with other US chapters through a big fat walrus.

Proposed provinces and states




Like, what are we actually doing this for, man? What sort of benefits will there be to a centralised legal organisational dealy, or just a central dealy in general? Outreach, meetups, organised events, coordination with other folks/things in the area to help the projects?

Current Status


At present, this is little more than an idea. What we need to do is develop this idea so that we can then either act on it or ditch it as hopeless.

  • Figuring out what the hell we're doing
  • Outreach to and documenting interested participants, organizers and supporters
  • Outreach to people who know what they're doing
  • Outreach to Meetup organizers
  • Outreach to WikiProject organizers

Interested Participants


Wikimedia Rocky Mountains is not going to have any membership restrictions based on geographical location. However, it will be difficult for people who live far away to participate in the Chapter. If you are interested in joining, post your name here:

Interested Organizers


For the Wikimedia Rocky Mountains chapter to become a reality, some Wikimedians will need to lead the effort to develop and obtain recognition for the chapter. If you are interested in undertaking this task, post your name here:



If you support this chapter's development, but are not able or interested in being a participant, or would just like to be kept up-to-date about the process, post your name here:

Development Discussion


Share your thoughts on the concept and development of a Wikimedia Rocky Mountains Chapter.

User Group Status?


Are we going to pursue user group-hood? Pharos suggested this a while back as an intermediate step to becoming a chapter. Who's down for that? Who wants to help do the application? What ideas do y'all have for future events? I'm asking leading questions as pertain to the user group application. I was thinking about this in advance of the CSU Edit-a-thon tomorrow. Hopefully some interested librarians and undergrads will be inspired to edit Wikipedia more often. Undead q (talk) 16:48, 20 October 2014 (UTC)[reply]



Is anyone monitoring this page and/or actively working within/for Wikimedia Rocky Mountains? Please drop a line here so we can co-ordinate. I'd very much like to bring this back to life. At the very least, I'd like to loosely organize all the contributors and leverage each other's work for maximum impact.


अभय नातू (talk) 15:03, 11 March 2015 (UTC)[reply]