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The Wikimedia Rust developers user group is composed of Wikimedians who want to spread the adoption of the Rust programming language in the Wikimedia movement. Rust is a systems programming language that aims to provide the trifecta of safety, concurrency and speed while being accessible to new and old developers alike. It has been rated as the favorite programming language in Stack Overflow's survey for the last five years in a row.[1]

Rust is more than about technical accomplishments, it's about empowering people, "but especially folks who thought that systems programming wasn’t for them."[2]

Members agree to follow the Code of Conduct for technical spaces.

There is an IRC channel set up at #wikimedia-rusttilslut (Matrix bridge is temporarily down), most discussion happens there or on the talk page.


  • Develop a rich toolkit of Rust libraries and applications for working with Wikimedia and MediaWiki projects and APIs
  • Make Rust a first-class language in Wikimedia infrastructure like Toolforge
  • Encourage the usage of Rust where appropriate to build safer and better tools
  • Assist others who end up encountering Rust and need help (e.g. when upstreams adopt Rust)
  • Mentor new developers who are interested in contributing technically to the Wikimedia movement, including through programs like GSoC and Outreachy

If you have other ideas for goals or things this group should do, please suggest them on the talk page!



Anyone is welcome to join, regardless of your Rust or other programming experience, just sign your name below!