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Wikimedia Singapore

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This page is kept for historical purposes. For affiliate (applicant) representing Singapore, go to Wikimedia Singapore User Group.
Wikimedia Singapore
Country codeSG
Founding datePENDING
Official language(s)English, Malay, Tamil, Chinese
Mailing listWikimedia-sg

Wikimedia Singapore is currently a local chapter in discussion phase. Mailing list is Wikimedia-sg (run by anirudhsbh at gmail.com, terenceong92 at gmail.com, my message awaits approval) and the WikiProject Singapore on the English Wikipedia(outdated).

Current doings[edit]


If you are part of any form of discussion or are simply interested to help out, list your name here.
Every volunteer should set a contact email to their global account and subscribe to the mailing list.
Member Languages Last activity Email available Background
a0110110010 zh, en 2016 Yes
Hydriz en, zh 2018 Yes
Anirudh Bhati en 2018 Yes
Terence en 2016 Yes
York Koon en 2014 Yes
Bencmq zh, en 2018 Yes
KJie.Neo en 2015 Yes
人神之间 zh, en 2015 No
Sanjeev Gupta en, ms-1 2018 Yes
1.02 editor en, zh 2018 Yes
HolyCrocsEmperor en, zh 2023 Yes English Wikipedian
Yuchenglinedu en, zh 2023 Yes English Wikidata/Wikimedian
Osama Eid en, ar, es, az 2023 Yes

External links[edit]

Current projects in SG Language[edit]

EN en.w en.wikt en.v en.b en.s en.n en.q en.voy
MS ms.w ms.wikt ms.v ms.b ms.s ms.n ms.q ms.voy
TA ta.w ta.wikt ta.v ta.b ta.s ta.n ta.q ta.voy
ZH zh.w zh.wikt zh.v zh.b zh.s zh.n zh.q zh.voy