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Wikimedia South Africa/2019 five year plan

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The five year plan for Wikimedia ZA will be developed at a special workshop in Cape Town, South Africa the day before the chapter AGM on the 15 December 2019. The planning workshop will take place on the 14 December 2019. The purpose is to develop a plan outlining the priorities, goals, and strategy to achieve these over the next five years from 2020-2025. Key metrics will be identified to measure success in achieving these goals.


In past plans (such as the 2019 strategic plan) goals were arranged into one of two groups. Namely Outreach and Chapter Support. With Outreach referring to growing the free knowledge community and Chapter Support referring to supporting the existing free knowledge community.

The resulting plan will live on meta at the Wikimedia ZA 5 year plan page.


African languages support[edit]

Project page tracing support for African language Wikipedia's.

Supporting the growth of African language Wikipedia communities. There is a great need to growth these communities and increase the quantity and quality of content there.

14 December 2019 event[edit]

Code Bridge as viewed from Hemlock Street.
The front entrance of the Code Bridge


Saturday, 14 December 2019


Code Bridge, 1 Thicket St, Newlands, Cape Town, 7700

We will be using a new location for this meetup. OpenUp has very kindly let us use their downstairs space at the Code Bridge in Newlands which is very near to Claremont train station and taxi rank. It also has ample free parking in front of the building. Cavendish Square is only a few blocks around the corner on the same side of the railway tracks. Code Bridge is located in the bridge (hence the name) that allows Campground Street (M33) to cross both the railway line and Letterstedt Road (also known as Claremont Boulevard).

The parking and building can only be access by the Helmlock Street / Letterstedt Road entrance. Parking is free. You don't pay for parking. Tell the parking guard you're visiting Codebridge.

See the location on the map to the right.


10:00 - 14:00


The results of the 14 December workshop were summarised and presented in this presentation for further discussion at the WMZA AGM the following day.

The results of the 14 December workshop were summarized and presented to the Wikimedia South Africa chapter at the chapter's Annual General Meeting on the 15 December 2019. Five long term strategic goals were identified. These were:

  • Access: increasing access for all to free knowledge.
  • Capacity: increasing the capacity of the chapter to effect impact. Both by increasing administrative abilities to support chapter activities and by increasing the number of volunteers to create, manage and help implement projects.
  • Diversity: increasing the diversity (linguistic, demographic, and geographic) of the Wikimedia community in South Africa.
  • Awareness: increasing awareness to support chapter impact. Both awareness of how Wikipedia works and the need for more members of the public to participate but also the awerness of people's rights to free knowledge how to get involved.
  • Flexibility: increasing and maintaining chapter flexibility to react quickly to project opportunities.

4 April 2020 followup[edit]

See also| 04-April-2020-Strategy_plan

Following the presentation of the 14 December workshop results at the 15 December 2019 AGM it was decided that a second workshop would be organised for early 2020. Due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic this event was postponed and later hosted digitally on the 4 April. The minutes of that workshop can be found on the Wikimedia ZA website here.

9 February 2021 Follow-up[edit]

See WikimediaZA Outreach Strategy 2021
See Grants:Simple/Applications/Wikimedia_South_Africa/2021/strategicplan

A follow up meeting was held on 9 February to look at the 5 years plan focusing at progress made since implementations, challenges and explored strategies for an outreach to achieve the goal set in 2019.