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Minutes from WMZA unofficial progress meeting on 29 Aug 2011, held via Skype


  • Charlene Foster
  • David Richfield
  • Kerryn McKay

Report-back from Wikimania[edit]

The relationship between chapters and WMF globally is quite complicated at the moment, due to changes in fundraising agreements.

Signing of Section 21 documents[edit]

Lourie, Kerryn and Charlene have signed, next to Mohau (30/08/11), then to David. Tobias doesn't need to sign, because we now only need 6 signatures. Kerryn will sign the document that requires one signature at accountants office.

Chapters agreement[edit]

Charlene will email Moushira to see if there are any changes to the chapter's agreement since the Wikimania and fundraising issue still running a strong thread among chapters and the WMF.

Africa centre[edit]

We are keen to partner with the Africa centre, but need to get ourselves properly registered and constituted before we will have capacity to do much in this regard. As far as Open Access week is concerned, we'd like to take part as much as possible, but we don't currently have someone in Stellenbosch who is able to prepare and deliver a good presentation. We need to know where else Open Access Week will happen, because we have some people in Cape Town and Gauteng who might be able to take part.

Lourie to identify someone from the Stellenbosch Wiki group to facilitate presentation for round table discussion

WMZA will facilitate "round table discussion" type outreach for Open Access Week. Charlene will check with Isla where it is being hosted.

Institutions to be contacted to see if they are doing anything for and or during Open Access Week. ; David - will facilitate contact at PennTech and has contacted Nhlanhla Mabaso who has agreed to facilitate gathering students at Wits. - Kerryn will make contact with Unisa, UCT and Tswane University of Technology - Charlene - will make contact with University of Limpopo.

Setting up student clubs[edit]

We have contacts in a number of universities around the country who would be able to help prepare and advertise meetings. As soon as we are properly incorporated, we should start giving talks at universities. To this end, we will develop some materials (based on the information at ) that can be used to give a coherent message on our virtual tag-team roadshow.

Next meeting[edit]

5 September 2011- 20h00