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For stewards

This page will serve as coordination for the Wikimedia Stewards User Group.


The Wikimedia Stewards User Group will serve to coordinate and enable growth of the steward team and better involvement of stewards in Wikimedia governance. The group has the following specific goals:

  • Enable group activities among the existing stewards
  • Ensure steward participation at Wikimedia events and conferences
  • Develop tools relevant to stewards
  • Access knowledge from past stewards
  • Promote development and recruitment of good steward candidates and encourage general involvement at the movement level

Events / Activities[edit]

  • August 2019: Meetups at Wikimania
  • September 2019: Steward's meetup in Ottawa
  • September 2019: WMF-steward call


Membership in the group is open to anyone interested in steward recruitment, tool development, or any of the other topics included in the user group mandate. Voting membership will be restricted to current and former stewards in good standing.

Affiliations Committee Resolutions[edit]