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Wikimedia Summit 2019/Participants' List/Working Group Members

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This is a (sortable!) list of all Wikimedia Summit participants that are members of a working group of the Movement Strategy process, provided solely for information purposes. To see the complete list of participants (including participants who are not members of a working group), please check the general participants' list.

Working groups[edit]

Working Group members[edit]

First name Family name registered via slot working group
Afifa Afrin Working Group Diversity
Alek Tarkowski Working Group Partnerships
Alice Wiegand Working Group Advocacy
Allison Davenport WMF-Staff Advocacy
Ana Torres Adell Affiliate ED Roles & Responsibilities
Anass Sedrati Working Group Advocacy
Anna Mazgal Working Group Advocacy
Anne Clin FDC Roles & Responsibilities
Astrid Carlsen Affiliate ED Diversity
Ben Vershbow WMF-Staff Partnerships
Biyanto Rebin Working Group Revenue Streams
user:Bodhisattwa Affiliate Roles & Responsibilities
Butch Bustria Working Group Roles & Responsibilities
Camelia Boban AffCom Diversity
user:Chinmayisk Simple APG Community Health
Chris Keating Working Group Roles & Responsibilities
Christian Humborg Working Group Resource Allocation
Christophe Henner WMF-Board of Trustees Product & Technology
Claudia Garád Affiliate ED Roles & Responsibilities
Corey Floyd WMF-Staff Product & Technology
Daria Cybulska Working Group Resource Allocation
Dariusz Jemielniak WMF-Board of Trustees Capacity Building
Esra’a Al Shafei WMF-Board of Trustees Diversity
Felix Nartey Working Group Resource Allocation
Franziska Heine Working Group Product & Technology
Galder Gonzalez Affiliate Diversity
Gayane Vardanyan Affiliate ED Revenue Streams
Georgina Fields WMF-Staff Roles & Responsibilities
Gergő Tisza Working Group Product & Technology
Guillaume Paumier WMF-Staff Revenue Streams
Ido Ivry Simple APG Revenue Streams
user:Islahaddow Simple APG Advocacy
Itzik Edri Affiliate Resource Allocation
Jackie Koerner Working Group Community Health
James Heilman WMF-Board of Trustees Community Health
Jan Eissfeldt WMF-Staff Community Health
Jeffrey Keefer Working Group Capacity Building
Jimmy Wales WMF-Board of Trustees Advocacy
John Cummings Working Group Partnerships
John Andersson Affiliate ED Resource Allocation
Jorge Vargas WMF-Staff Diversity
Josh Minor WMF-Staff Product & Technology
Kirill Lokshin AffCom Roles & Responsibilities
Liam Wyatt FDC Resource Allocation
Liang-chih ShangKuan Simple APG Capacity Building
Lukas Mezger Affiliate Roles & Responsibilities
Maor Malul AffCom Community Health
Margeigh Novotny WMF-Staff Roles & Responsibilities
María Sefidari WMF-Board of Trustees Resource Allocation
Matanya Moses Working Group Product & Technology
Megan Hernandez WMF-Staff Revenue Streams
Mervat Salam Working Group Community Health
Michal Lester Affiliate ED Capacity Building
Michal Buczyński FDC Resource Allocation
Mohsen Salek Working Group Advocacy
Natalia Tymkiv WMF-Board of Trustees Roles & Responsibilities
Nicola Zeuner Working Group Capacity Building
Olaniyan Olushola AffCom Partnerships
Oscar Costero Affiliate Capacity Building
Pavan Santhosh Affiliate Community Health
Philip Kopetzky Simple APG Community Health
Raju Narisetti WMF-Board of Trustees Partnerships
Rebecca O'Neill Affiliate Capacity Building
Rémy Gerbet Affiliate ED Partnerships
Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight AffCom Community Health
user:Saileshpat Working Group Capacity Building
Sam Oyeyele Working Group Diversity
Sandra Rientjes Affiliate ED Community Health
Sati Houston WMF-Staff Resource Allocation
Shani Evenstein Affiliate Partnerships
Srishti Sethi WMF-Staff Product & Technology
Stephane Coillet-Matillon Working Group Product & Technology
Susun Wilkinson Affiliate Diversity
Tanya Capuano WMF-Board of Trustees Revenue Streams
Walaa AbdelKhalek Affiliate Diversity
Winifred Olliff WMF-Staff Capacity Building
Zeineb Takouti Working Group Roles & Responsiblities