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Please read this information carefully – it might help you a lot and makes the process (more) hassle-free :)

Registration opens on Friday, November 2, 2018 and closes on Monday at midnight CET, December 17, 2018. Please note that no registrations will be accepted after this deadline.


  • For affiliates: Every affiliate that is eligible is allowed to send at least one delegate to the Wikimedia Summit (check the Eligibility Criteria). You – as an affiliate – are free to choose whom to send, but based on our experience we recommend to discuss this internally and come to a consensus decision. Affiliate delegates should be able to represent their affiliate, be informed and, up to a certain extent, make decisions, if possible. Affiliates with a paid, full-time Executive Director are allowed to send them as well (marked in the Eligibility Criteria table).
  • For working group members: Another group at the Wikimedia Summit are the members of the 9 different Working Groups of the Movement Strategy Process. Due to the logistical limitations, we cannot have all Working Group members at the Summit. Therefore, we recommend to discuss internally whom to send to the Summit and come to a consensus decision. Keep also in mind, that certain Working Group members will come to the event in another role (members of the WMF Board of Trustees, Chapter EDs, etc.). The Core Team of the Strategy Process will advise you accordingly.
  • For Wikimedia Foundation staff: Slots for Wikimedia Foundation staff are limited to 20. By mid-December, recommendations for WMF staff participants will be shared internally.
  • For Wikimedia committee members: Your Wikimedia Foundation liaison will inform you accordingly.
  • If you do not know, if you are allowed to attend, contact us: wmsummit(_AT_) We will gladly assist you.

Preparing for registration[edit]

It takes up to 30 minutes to complete the registration form.

(1) Check the Eligibility Criteria

The provided list shows your affiliation’s eligibility status and defines to which participants’ group you belong to. Please only register once your affiliate is marked as ready to register.

(2) Programmatic Questions

The program of the Wikimedia Summit will be developed together by the Movement Strategy Core Team and the Program Coordinator of the Summit, Cornelius Kibelka. As in previous years, we would like to ask for your input for the program. We have reduced this question to two (2), but they are open questions – feel free to answer with more than a couple of words! The questions you'll be asked to answer within the registration form are the following:

  • How does your affiliate work support the Strategic Direction? How does the Strategic Direction support your affiliate work?
  • What movement structures need to change to support you do your work better? What structures help you? What structures hinder you?

(3) Training of Trainers event

A Training of Trainers post-event will be held April 1-2, 2019. You'll be asked to indicate your interest in participating, thus please read the Training of Trainers section carefully before registering.

(4) Have your passport at hand

In case you are getting your travel booked by WMDE (check Travel and Hotel Booking Information if unsure) or you need a visa (check if unsure), you will be asked to enter your passport details during the registration process.

Ready to register?[edit]

Please use this link to register for the Wikimedia Summit 2019.