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Wikimedia Summit 2020/Program Design Process

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Wikimedia Summit 2020
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General outline[edit]

Moving from Recommendations to the Implementation phase

The Wikimedia Summit will be a focused event for conversations on Movement Strategy for the Wikimedia Foundation and its affiliates. The conference will carry conversations from the movement strategy process further into the future; the conference is continually being developed in conjunction with structural changes that will also support the organized part of the movement to successfully implement the strategic direction in programmatic work.

The Wikimedia Summit 2020 will be designed in accord with the needs and status of the movement strategy process and will be an important milestone of the movement strategy process, serving the following purposes:

  1. Presenting, understanding and creating ownership as well as commitment for the recommendations across the organized part of the movement; prepare for endorsement - Recommendations from the current stage of the movement strategy process will be the cornerstone of the implementation. Before moving into implementation discussions, wee need to establish a shared understanding regarding the meaning and intent of these recommendations in order to develop a commitment for implementation across movement stakeholders.
  2. Initiating implementation design in a collaborative manner - As a result, the focus of the event will be to plan implementation in conjunction with the diverse representatives of the Wikimedia movement. This will help us to better understand and map the context and current realities in our movement and initiate the implementation of the recommendations in a way that best serves the diversity of the movement stakeholders.
  3. Creating agency for the implementation - Besides providing contex, collaborative implementation design will support empowerment of different movement actors to take ownership of certain areas of recommendations and to come to an initial understanding of what will be implemented, where, and who will be responsible to advance implementation and who will take a supporting role.
  4. Initiating movement-wide conversations regarding prioritization - Not all the recommendations can be implemented immediately and simultaneously. As a result, we need conversations about prioritization and sequencing of the recommendations. The in-person meeting in Berlin of key stakeholders in the movement is a perfect platform to commence these conversations.

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