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Wikimedia Summit 2024/Topic groups

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The working groups will generate outputs* on their topics. The organizers have formed the working groups based on the participants preferences and made some adjustements to increase the plurality of perspectives in each group. The participants will be assigned to a group for the first 1.5 days, and have the possibility to change groups later on. The full program can be found here.

*Outputs may take different forms, including:

  • Celebration of the Movement Charter (Great! We like it!);
  • Suggestion or improvements (would like this to be changed but can live with it if it’s not; something to consider);
  • Deal-breakers and alternative language (as per MCDC request, things that would keep us from voting for the charter)
  • Considerations outside or beyond the charter text (such as input into implementation, for supplementary documentation, or things entirely not covered by charter)


Topic Group 1: Global Council: Purpose (room 4)[edit]

Suyash Dwivedi Affiliations Committee (AffCom)
Sarmad Bakar Arabic Wikimedians User Group
Aniruddha Kumar Hindi Wikimedians User Group
Natacha LSP Les sans pagEs User Group (UG)
Belinda Spry Wikimedia Australia
Étienne Beaulé Wikimedia Canada
Monica Bonilla (WMCO) Wikimedia Colombia
Alice Wiegand Wikimedia Deutschland
Guillaume Paumier Wikimedia Foundation
Lorenzo Losa Wikimedia Foundation
Stephen LaPorte Wikimedia Foundation
Capucine-Marin Wikimedia France
André Barbosa Wikimedia Portugal
Pilar de la Prieta (WMES) Wikimedia Spain
Jenny Ebermann Wikimedia Switzerland
HakanIST Wikimedians of Turkic Languages User Group
Tgr Wikimédia Magyarország

Topic Group 2: Global Council: Global Council and WMF (room 6)[edit]

Xelgen Affiliations Committee (AffCom)
Bachounda Algeria Wikimedians User Group (UG)
Galder Gonzalez Basque Wikimedians (UG)
Joseph Lewis Mabel Cascadia Wikimedians User Group
Valerio Andrade Melo Grupo de Usuários Wiki Movimento Brasil
Morgan McKeehan North Carolina Triangle Wikipedians User Group (UG)
Martin Urbanec Wikimedia Czech Republic (Chap)
Franziska Heine Wikimedia Deutschland
antanana Wikimedia Foundation
Chuck Roslof Wikimedia Foundation
Maggie Dennis Wikimedia Foundation
Rémy Gerbet Wikimedia France
Sonja (Wikimedia Austria) Wikimedia Österreich
DerHexer Wikimedia Stewards User Group
Jan-Bart Wikimedia Netherlands

Topic Group 3: Global Council: Representation and Composition (room 7)[edit]

Nehaoua Arabic-speaking region
Subodh (CIS-A2K) Centre for Internet and Society's Access to Knowledge Program (CIS-A2K)
Frank Schulenburg Education
Donia Domiaty Egypt Wikimedians User Group
Fionah Komusana Whose Knowledge?
Dnshitobu Wikimaps User Group
Shabab Wikimedia Bangladesh
Libardo Wikimedia Colombia
Mrbobax Wikimedia Community User Group Rwanda
Christian Humborg Wikimedia Deutschland
Mike Peel Wikimedia Foundation
Mayur Paul Wikimedia Foundation
Rajene Hardeman Wikimedia New York City
Elisabeth Carrera (WMNO) Wikimedia Norge

Topic Group 4: Affiliates and Hubs: Purpose (room 10)[edit]

Jeffrey User:FULBERT Affiliations Committee (AffCom)
Shreya Commons Photographers User Group
Jay Prakash Indic MediaWiki Developers User Group
Nitesh Gilll Punjabi Wikimedians User Group
Nanour Wiki World Heritage User Group
Arshak Wikimedia Armenia
Dennis Wikimedia Chile (Chap)
Toni Sant Wikimedia Community User Group Malta
Olushola Wikimedia Community User Group Nigeria
Rehman Wikimedia Community User Group Sri Lanka
Yop Rwang Pam Wikimedia Foundation
Asaf Bartov Wikimedia Foundation
Itzike Wikimedia Israel (Chap)
Ivana (WMRS) Wikimedia Serbia
Klaudia Wikimedians of Romania and Moldova User Group
Matej Grochal Wikimedians of Slovakia User Group
Daniel Bogre Udell Wikitongues User Group
ktchernes Wikitongues User Group
Olatunde Isaac Yoruba Wikimedians User Group

Topic Group 5: Affiliates and Hubs: Rights, responsibilities, roles and types (room 12)[edit]

Maor Malul Affiliation Committee
Bodhisattwa Bengali-speaking world (Bangla Wikimaitree)
BKlen Central and Eastern European Hub
Dominique Eliane French-speaking world (WikiFranca)
Ammar Hausa Wikimedians User Group
Mali Brødreskift Language Diversity
Pankaj Deo Maithili Wikimedians User Group (UG)
Peter B Meyer / user:econterms North America or United States
John Paul Sadowski Ohio Wikimedians User Group
Mariana Fossatti Whose Knowledge?
Camelia WikiDonne User Group
Amanda Lawrence Wikimedia Australia
Erinamukuta Wikimedia Community User Group Uganda
Anna Mazgal Wikimedia Europe
Birgit Müller Wikimedia Foundation
Dumisani Ndubane Wikimedia Foundation
Owula kpakpo Wikimedia Ghana User Group
Ivan Alejandro Martinez Montano Wikimedia Mexico
John Andersson Wikimedia Sverige
Yang Shih Ching Wikimedia Taiwan
Athikhun Suwannakhan Wikimedia Thailand
Fawaz.tairou Wikimédiens du Bénin User Group
Tiputini Wikimujeres Grupo de Usuarias (UG)
Joycewikiwiki Wikipedia Asian Month User Group
Galahad Wikimedia Small Projects in Spanish User Group
Guebo Emmanuelle Wikimedia Community User Group Côte d'Ivoire

Topic Group 6: Affiliates and Hubs: Collaborations and capacity building (room 16)[edit]

Basak Affiliations Committee (AffCom)
Kira (she/her) Art+Feminism User Group
Douglaseru EA Regional and Thematic Hub (EARTH)
Johnny Alegre East, Southeast Asia and the Pacific Hub
Bharathesha Alasandemajalu Karavali Wikimedians User Group
Jael Serwaa Boateng Open Foundation West Africa
Andi Inácio Portuguese-speaking region
Ananya Mondal West Bengal Wikimedians User Group
Kevin Kayvan Payravi WikiConference North America
Geertivp Wikimedia Belgium
Aboubacarkhoraa Wikimedia Community User Group Guinea Conakry
Jens Ohlig Wikimedia Deutschland
Natalia Szafran-Kozakowska Wikimedia Foundation
Caitlin Virtue Wikimedia Foundation
Owen Blacker Wikimedia LGBT+ User Group
Mickey Mystique Wikimedia Serbia
Wang Tze Wen Wikimedia Taiwan
Anton Wikimedia Ukraine
Lucy Wikimedia United Kingdom
SJ Klein Wikimedians for Offline Wikis User Group
Ainali Wikimedians for Sustainable Development
Lexy Tchuileu Wikimedians of Cameroon User Group
Okepefi Joel Monday Wikimedians of Lagos User Group
Farah Jack Mustaklem Wikimedians of the Levant User Group (UG)

Topic Group 7: Financial resources: Resource development (fundraising) (room 9)[edit]

Tanveer Hasan Centre for Internet and Society's Access to Knowledge Program (CIS-A2K)
PatriHorrillo Wikiesfera Grupo de Usuarixs (UG)
Nora Circosta Wikimedia Deutschland
Lisa Ann Seitz Wikimedia Foundation
Megan Hernandez Wikimedia Foundation
Tajh Wikimedia Foundation
Youssef Wikimedia Tunisia User Group
LiAnna Davis Wikipedia & Education User Group

Topic Group 8: Financial resources: Resource distribution (grantmaking) (room 11)[edit]

emyrie Black Lunch Table Wikimedians
Sadik Shahadu Dagbani Wikimedians User Group (UG)
Aafi Deoband Community Wikimedia User Group
João Alexandre Peschanski | WMB Grupo de Usuários Wiki Movimento Brasil
Chinmayee Mishra Odia Wikimedians User Group
Anna Torres Wikimedia Argentina
Louis Germain (WMCA) Wikimedia Canada
Patricia | Wikimedia CL Wikimedia Chile (Chap)
Mehman (WMGE) Wikimedia Community User Group Georgia
Klára Joklová (WMCZ) Wikimedia Czech Republic (Chap)
James Baldwin Wikimedia Foundation
Yael Weissburg Wikimedia Foundation
MICHAL-WMIL Wikimedia Israel (Chap)
Lane Rasberry Wikimedia Medicine
Sandra Rientjes Wikimedia Netherlands
Claudia (WMAT / WMEU) Wikimedia Österreich
Florenciac Wikimedia Spain