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Date and place[edit]

  • Day : 8 September 2019
  • Time : 16:00pm-18:15pm
  • Place : Rolling in Life


  • Jamie Lin, Wikimedia Taiwan
  • Aaron Huang, Wikimedia Taiwan
  • Reke, Wikimedia Taiwan
  • ffaarr, Wikimedia Taiwan
  • Liang-chih ShangKuan, Wikimedia Taiwan
  • Allen Wang, Wikidata Taiwan
  • Aries Cs, Wikidata Taiwan
  • Monica Mu, Wikidata Taiwan
  • Jamie Tu, Wikidata Taiwan
  • Helen Chiu, Wikidata Taiwan
  • shibasalmon Wikidata Taiwan
  • Tsuna Lu, MoWiki Community(Taichung)
  • Ulysses Yang, NTU WIKI CLUB
  • FireFeather, NTU WIKI CLUB
  • David Ho, volunteer
  • Tony Kuo, volunteer
  • Yan, volunteer
  • KOKUYO, volunteer
  • Areny, volunteer

Presentation about Wikimedia movement in Taiwan[edit]

Jamie Lin
Jamie Lin, behalf Wikimedia Taiwan, gave a brief introduction to participants about the Community Health Wikimedia movement.
Liang-Chih ShangKuan
Liang-Chih ShangKuan, Members of Wikimedia Taiwan, share his thoughts and experiences about the strategy process of Wikimedia 2030 to the audiences, especially the Roles and Responsibility part, and mentor all the salon

Roles and Responsibility[edit]

  • In this session, Liang shares about the three main proposed new structures of Wikimedia Movement and the 7 recommendations, the participants are more focused and interested in the Recommendation 6 and 7, also relate to the Recomendation 2 and 9 of Capacity Building.
  • R6 How to make the communities have the feeling that they participate in decision making? Does participating in board meeting work?
Wikimedia Taiwan and Taiwan Communities are now going through the structure changing period. Aslo, there are lot of information missing during transfer. The experience and backgrounds participants have are quite diverse. It's hard to give any useful feedback or recommendation to recommendation 6.
  • R7 What can Wikimedia Taiwan do to assist communities grow??
    • There is a lot of information stored on Wiki related resources. We need to sort them and create a UX/UI friendly website to allow communities use.
    • Many projects are too Wikipedia oriented, not diverse enough. We need more discussion and the assistance fit the communities' characteristics.
  • Some participants think working group members might need to approach to more local communities to see what is the current situation and difficulty Wikipedians face. Some recommendations are too far from the real situation.

Community Health[edit]

Outlines of unacceptable behaviors that we are unlikely tolerated, and Wikipedia participants’ safety, including ideas for future anti-harassment policy and personally-identifying information protections are addressed.

  • The Foundation is processing the complementary measures, yet the adaptiveness is defined for now.
  • To provide resources for participants who might need help, and collect their reports (anonymous, if needed),

Suggestion: a user database useful which sets protection and obligations for Wikipedians when they sign up for activities or events at the same time.

  • COC ref:SITCON (Students' Information Technology Conference)’s The Code of Conduct and Mozilla’s Community experience might be helpful.
  • Whether groups are funded by the Wikimedia Foundation or not should follow the CoC.
  • All CoCs need to be new-user friendly and easy to catch up with.
  • Rules and Penalty: to blacklist poor behavior person and announce

Possible problems:

  • Foundation will empower to chapters or transfer cases to professional officers? Any regulation for the communities which haven't approached Taiwan Wiki Community?
  • Give a clear definition and decision of CoC, only admit the communities which follow the CoC.
  • Try to apply for a grant to hire professional staffs to maintain the CoC and carry out the tasks.
  • We hope to have a CoC can deal with someone who commits crimes on Wiki.

We need more newcomers and a friendly environment to allow the communities grow

  • We can hold an annual editathon for newcomers.
  • Work on branding (Wikimedia Taiwan and all Taiwan communities)
  • A newcomer-friendly guidance
  • A comic or animation version wiki guidance may work.

Group Pictures[edit]

Eating, communicating and thinking[edit]

Statement on your budget[edit]

This figure shows the total amount of the budget and spending on three strategy salons Wikimedia Taiwan held.

Budget Amount (USD)
Grants 1990.00
Deducted: Bank charges 0
Net income 1990.00
Expenses Amount (USD)
Space 381.7
Equipment 0
Meal and Refreshment 540.81
Facilitator 0
Transportation fee 18.71
Net Expenses 946.41
Unused funds (USD) 1043.39

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