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Wikimedia Taiwan/The Chinese Wikimedia Open Meeting on the 2021 Foundation Official Action

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The Chinese Wikimedia Open Meeting on the 2021 Foundation Official Action

Background of the Open Meeting?

In 2021, the official action that was taken by Wikimedia Foundation has brought quite a huge impact on the Chinese Wikimedia Community. Multiple users were banned, and many were removed from administrators. During the past year, the Chinese Wikipedia community reacted to the official action by following up with the organization involved and amending the administrator election mechanism.

These reactions have shown the great determination to move forward altogether of the Chinese Wikipedia community. However, many doubts about this official action are interfering with the development of the community. Many community members were receiving inaccurate information about the official action from public websites and the press media. There are even rumors from the specific gateway. As the local affiliate of the Wikimedia Foundation, Wikimedia Taiwan understands that many users are still eager to know what exactly happened for the official action.

Therefore, after a year of the action, when the situation was more settled, Wikimedia Taiwan invited the Trust & Safety team from the Wikimedia Foundation for an open meeting, especially for the Chinese Wikipedia Community.

Format of the Open meeting

Please submit your question by 11/13 23:59. Wikimedia Taiwan will launch an open meeting with live streaming, gather questions that most people are concerned about, and would help clarify the real context of the foundation's actions.

  1. Open for Question Submission: 11/06~11/13
  2. The Open Meeting: 12/03 20:00~21:00

Submit you question(submission closed)

Open Meeting Information