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This is a how-to guide on how to use the templates for the Wiki UK Limited newsletter.

Set up the main newsletter page[edit]

Create a page at Wikimedia UK v2.0/Newsletter/MonthYear with the following text:

{{WMUK Newsletter
| date=MonthYear
| pagename={{PAGENAME}}
| summary = 

| s1_title = 
| s1_content = 

| s2_title = 
| s2_content = 

| s3_title = 
| s3_content = 

| s4_title = 
| s4_content = 

| s5_title = 
| s5_content = 


Then fill in the content.

Set up the summary page[edit]

Once you've completed the newsletter, start a new page at Wikimedia UK v2.0/Newsletter/MonthYear/Summary, copying and pasting the main newsletter into it. Then change "{{WMUK Newsletter" to "{{subst:WMUK Newsletter Summary", and save the page.

You may then need to edit the page to remove any section headers that aren't needed. You'll also need to update any internal links that are in the summary, so that they point towards the main newsletter page on meta (prefix with :m:).

Send around the newsletter[edit]

Either copy-paste the content of Wikimedia UK v2.0/Newsletter/MonthYear/Summary (minus the category link) to everyone's talk pages, or get User:Mike Peel to send it around automagically.