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The Wikimedia URL Shortener is a feature that allows you to create short URLs for any page on projects hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation, in order to reuse them elsewhere, for example on social networks or on wikis.

Hvordan bruges det?

Eksempelskærmbillede af URL-forkorteren

The feature can be accessed from Meta wiki on the special page Special:URLShortener.

On this page, you can enter any web address from a service hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation (see list below). Click on Shorten to generate a short URL. You can then copy it and reuse it anywhere.

The format of the URL is followed by a string of letters, numbers or a few other special characters.

Depending on the website you're using it on, you may have to add the prefix https:// to have it recognized as a link. For example, on wikis, is not recognized as a link but is.

On your wiki, you can create a template to display the links as internal links, see for example Template:Short URL on English Wikipedia.

Liste over understøttede sider

In order to assure the security of the links, and to avoid short links pointing to external or dangerous websites, the URL shortener is restricted to specific services hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation. This includes:

Eksisterende korte links

When you shorten a link, the system will check it against the links that already exist in the database, to avoid duplicates. If you try to shorten a link that already has been shortened by someone else, the system will not create a new URL but return the existing shortlink.

Nogle links kan allerede være oprettet til at omdirigere til nogle af vores projekter.


Skærmbillede af specialsiden for ManageShortURLs.

This feature has been designed to provide to the Wikimedia editors a secure way to shorten and share links.

  • The URL shortener only accepts links that are in some select WMF-based domains, so no external website can be linked
  • Users or IPs who cannot edit Meta-Wiki (blocked) are not allowed to create short URLs
  • If there's a severe case of information disclosure, stewards can delete a short URL
  • Abuse prevention has been added: the rate limit is 10 creations per 2 minutes for IPs and 50 for logged-in users. This rate limit is the reason why the tool is enabled only on Meta.

Delete a link

This action is available for stewards only. On Meta, stewards can access the special page Special:ManageShortUrls and delete an existing URL, or restore a deleted one.

After deleting a short URL, the short link will not redirect to the page anymore. Please use this feature carefully, for it can cause dead links.

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