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The Wikimedia Fan Club Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti shall be for undergraduate and postgraduate students, and staff with the main purpose of contributing to Wikimedia and her related projects. This club shall resident at the University Campus and run by the students with coordination from Wikimedia UG Nigeria (WUGN). This club will seek to promote Wikimedia project among the students through the execution of projects and training as a way of exposing the students to the movement.

The success of this project will primarily be to raise young Wikimedians among bonafide students of EKSU and also to promote our local languages on Wikipedia. It will also help to integrate Wikimedia into the school curriculum.

We aim to achieve this by hosting several projects and events such as: edit-a-thons, GLAMs, Wikipedia Education programs and related projects, which aim to promote Wikimedia projects in the institution. The club will plan Wikimedian Ambassador program that rotates among the student on yearly basis. The selected person shall be the face of Wikimedia in the school

Staff Advisor[edit]


  • To initiate, support, promote, and participate in projects of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.
  • To create, organize, develop, and engage in activities that promote free, responsible open-content resources and reference materials in English and Yoruba languages where there are existing communities.
  • To collaborate, cooperate, network, and associate with Hubs and Fan Clubs of Wikimedians as well as with institutions, organizations and individuals to promote the free culture movement.

Proposed Activities[edit]

  • Organizing Edit-a-thons for Wikipedia, Wikisource, Wikibooks, and Wikidata in Nigeria
  • Promote editing of Nigeria-related content on Wikimedia projects
  • Wikipedia Campus Ambassadors
  • Open Street Maps Editing
  • Wikimedia In Residence (WIR)


Contact information[edit]

  • olaniyanshola15 at
  • ashiomamedi at


  1. Ashioma Medi
  2. Tomilola
  3. Baro
  4. Patricia
  5. Becky
  6. Olaniyan Olushola
  7. Wikicology
  8. Ashioma Medi
  9. AyomideAlex
  10. Debbie Banks
  11. Aladebaba1
  12. P-SALM
  13. Dclassic10
  14. Epignosis333
  15. Ogooluwa1
  16. Crown2468
  17. Moskid140
  18. ayFortune
  19. Adebanjiimmanuel
  20. Tidy2020
  21. TEMMIE90
  22. Sundaxboi
  23. Dprince111
  24. Nablin2020
  25. Nifido
  26. Thebossman01
  27. Oluwasegun
  28. Adeleye Emmanuel
  29. Apostle99
  30. Martins477
  31. 777Smith
  32. Temitayo
  33. Crystalpapers
  34. Olayiwola
  35. Marthlogan
  36. Avapeter
  37. Hessyjay
  38. Timmy2020
  39. Popson92
  40. Bamitekodamilola
  41. Danigold01250

Members present at the launching of the program[edit]

  1. Olaniyan Olushola
  2. Wikicology
  3. Ashioma Medi
  4. AyomideAlex
  5. Debbie Banks
  6. Aladebaba1
  7. P-SALM
  8. Dclassic10
  9. Epignosis333
  10. Ogooluwa1
  11. Crown2468
  12. Moskid140
  13. ayFortune
  14. Adebanjiimmanuel
  15. Tidy2020
  16. TEMMIE90
  17. Sundaxboi
  18. Dprince111
  19. Nablin2020
  20. Nifido
  21. Thebossman01
  22. Oluwasegun
  23. Adeleye Emmanuel
  24. Apostle99
  25. Martins477
  26. 777Smith
  27. Temitayo
  28. Crystalpapers
  29. Olayiwola
  30. Marthlogan
  31. Avapeter
  32. Hessyjay
  33. Timmy2020
  34. Popson92
  35. Bamitekodamilola
  36. Danigold01250


Events & Activities[edit]

  • The official launch of the Club took place on Friday 26th of October 2018 in Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State with about a hundred people in attendance

Pictures From The Launch[edit]

More Pictures can be seen here