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Wikimedia Fan Club, Kwara State University Logo

The Wikimedia Fan Club Kwara State University, Kwara State is an undergraduate, postgraduate students, and staff user group of the university with the main purpose of contributing to Wikimedia and its related projects. This club resides at the University Campus for full-time students and off-campus for part time students. The club is cordinated by the students with support from Wikimedia User Group Nigeria (WUGN). The club is aimed at promoting Wikimedia projects among students and staff through the execution of projects and training as a way of exposing the students to the movement.

The success of its projects is mainly to raise young and enthusiastic Wikimedians among the students and staff of KWASU as well as to promote and create visibility for African scholars and the African local languages on the largest online encyclopedia. The club will also help to integrate Wikimedia into the school curriculum and promote life-long learning.

This fan club aimed to achieve its set objectives by hosting several projects and events such as: edit-a-thons, GLAMs, Wikipedia Education programs and related projects, which aim to promote Wikimedia projects in the institution. The club will plan Wikimedian Ambassador program that rotates among the student on yearly basis. The selected person shall be the face of Wikimedia in the school.

Staff Adviser

Mrs Mariam Gobir

Mrs. margob Mariam T. Gobir, Department of English and Linguistics , Kwara State University, Malete.


  • To initiate, support, promote, and participate in projects of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.
  • To create, organize, develop, and engage in activities that promote free, responsible open-content resources and reference materials in English and Yoruba languages where there are existing communities.
  • To collaborate, cooperate, network, and associate with Hubs and Fan Clubs of Wikimedians as well as with institutions, organizations and individuals to promote the free culture movement.
  • To facilitate programs that will achieve these listed above.

Proposed Activities

Helpful Resources

  • Wiki needs us. Here are links to places we believe there will always be a space to improve. As long as they exist, we are never relented in creating a world where everyone can contribute to and share in every sum of knowledge.

New to Wikipedia?

New to Wikipedia? There are a variety of great resources to help you get started:

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Getting Started
Getting Help
Policies and Guidelines

The Community
Things to do


Contact information

  1. bukolajames2017(_AT_)
  2. Blessingsarmantha(_AT_)


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Club Leaders 2021/2022 Session

Photo Gallery of Club logos and participants during events at the Mohammadu Buhari Library, Kwara State University Malete