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The Wikimedia Hub,Nigerian Institute of Journalism (NIJ) shall be for undergraduate and postgraduate students,staff and the Alumni from Nigerian Institute of Journalism with the main purpose of contributing to Wikimedia and her related projects.This hub shall domicile at the institution and run by the students with coordination from Wikimedia UG Nigeria (WUGN). This club will seek to promote Wikimedia project among the students through the execution of projects and training as a way of exposing the students to the movement.

The success of this project will primarily be to raise young Wikimedians among bonafide students of NIJ and also to promote our local languages on wikipedia. It will also help to integrate Wikimedia into the school curriculum.

We aim to achieve this by hosting several projects and events such as: edit-a-thons, GLAMs, Wikipedia Education programs and related projects, which aim to promote Wikimedia projects in the institution. The club will plan Wikimedian Ambassador program that rotate among the student on yearly basis. The selected person shall be the face of Wikimedian in the school.

Staff Advisor[edit]

  1. Akin Ojo
  2. Betty Bioku
  3. Christy Okoh


  • To promote the use of Wikimedia projects among the students of NIJ
  • To help students in NIJ learn how to contribute to Wikimedia projects
  • To organize in-person gatherings of Wikimedians in NIJ

Proposed Activities[edit]

  • Organizing Edit-a-thons for Wikipedia, Wikisource, and Wikidata in Nigeria
  • Promote editing of Nigeria-related content on Wikimedia projects
  • Wikipedia Campus Ambassadors
  • Open Street Maps Editing
  • Wikimedia In Residence (WIR)

Contact information[edit]

  • olaniyanshola15 at

Community members involve in the project[edit]

  1. User: Olaniyan Olushola
  2. User: Kaizenify
  3. User: SDK Olobe
  4. User: Lafemo


We created whatsapp account and outreach dashboard for monitoring the students and also to discuss important issues.


Events and Projects[edit]

The club was supposed be launched on the 25th of March, 2017 but postponed to 16th of April, 2017.

The next class was due in May but suspended because the school was preparing for first semester examination.