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To ensure that participants to our online events become familiar with our respectful behavior space policy, here is a short, easy to read version. It is adapted for online events. For all details, please consult our respectful behavior space policy.

A video conference can be conducted directly by a Wikimedia CH representative or technical administration rights of the online meeting can be transferred to another “host” whose full identity and contact details are known to Wikimedia CH.

Basic rules for all participants[edit]

  • Civility – Support a civil environment and do not harass other participants. For further information, consult prohibited behavior on this page.
  • Identity – Do not attempt to impersonate another user or individual. Do not misrepresent your affiliation with any individual or entity.
  • Privacy – Respect the privacy and the self-chosen degree of anonymity of all participants. Video and audio recordings of any kind of the online meetings are forbidden, (only hosts can record with the consent of all participants, see below). Still images can be made only with the explicit consent of all participants concerned. If you want to document the meeting, please take notes in written form.
  • For all but a few – Be open for all Wikimedians to participate (unless there are technical restrictions). Persons affected by the Wikimedia Foundation Event Ban and the Wikimedia CH event ban are excluded from participation.

As a host[edit]

  • Do not collect any personal data of the participants in the context of the online meeting. For instance, it’s ok to send a wikimail to a participant but do not require from participants to send a wikimail to you.
  • Respect additional privacy needs by allowing people to participate only with audio, not with video.
  • Do not transfer rights to other participants that allow them to exclude others from a meeting or limit their ability to participate.
  • All participants are responsible for compliance with this policy to the best of their ability. It is expected from you to support it with your special technical rights (e.g. by excluding a participant) and to coordinate additional measures if necessary.
  • It's possible to record the meeting or the workshop using audio or video after checking whether all participants agree to be recorded. If there is opposition the audio and/or the video can be removed in post-production.


  • If you believe that someone else is not following this policy, point out the terms to the other person and/or inform the host or your Community Liaison:
  • The host may take any action they deem appropriate in order to enforce the policy, including to exclude participants or to terminate the video conference in advance.
  • In case of serious violations (see list of Prohibited behaviors), Wikimedia CH can exclude the participant from any future support and may notify others about the incident, including the Wikimedia Foundation, other Wikimedia affiliates, and relevant authorities after following the related procedure.

Detailed procedure[edit]

For our complete on- and offline policies, read the Respectful behavior space policy of Wikimedia CH.