Wikimedia Wikimeet India 2021/Newsletter/2020-12-16

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WMWM 2021

This is the second newsletter of Wikimedia Wikimeet India 2021, which is an online wiki-event by CIS-A2K to be conducted from 19 – 21 February 2021 during the occasion of International Mother Language Day with different components such as online workshops, presentations, discussions, etc. mostly focusing on different Wikimedia projects in India. In this newsletter, we will discuss the structure of the event and what work is already done and some inputs on upcoming days.

This is around 2 months of the Wikimeet, and we are preparing for this. Last 15 days we have talked to a few international online event organisers and tried to learn from their experience. We wish to write a blog post in next 10 days narrating some of the points we learnt.

Logistics needs-assessment[edit]

Important We have started a logistics assessment. The objective of the survey is to collect relevant information about the logistics of the Indian Wikimedia community members who are willing to participate in the event. Please spend a few minutes to fill this form.

Community meeting[edit]

A couple of community-level meetings are planned to discuss the Wikimeet or how a community or user group can get involved. If you want to conduct such a meeting or discussion to talk to your community, that would be helpful. You can contact us or write to wmwm(_AT_) if you want help in this.

Platform for Wikimeet[edit]

We understand that a platform plays a crucial role in an online event. We are exploring different options although anything has not been finalised still. If you know an online platform or medium that you think works well for training/remote event, please let us know.

Get involved[edit]

  • Request for comments: There are 2 "Request for Comments" topics where you can share your detailed view and comment. Please participate in the RfCs. Please note it is not mandatory to write in English, you can discuss and participate in any language.
  • Logo design: Could you help with creating a logo? The logo should be in SVG format and follow Wikimedia Commons policies. The logo will be used in the event page, all writings, promotions etc. Please suggest a logo on the discussion page.

Blog posts[edit]