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Contact details[edit]

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omshivaprakash [at] gmail [dot] com

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  1. Kannada Wikipedia
  2. Manager - Servants Of Knowledge initiative - Public.Resource.Org
  3. Co-Founder - Sanchaya & | Sanchi Foundation ®

Your topic[edit]

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Servants Of Knowledge initiative for Digital Archiving Kannada & other Indic language content

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Kannada & English

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30 mins

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Digitizing our art, history & culture has major impacts on our language preservation. It also add’s to the larger human knowledge and helps us build sustaining open knowledge solutions for the society at large. Last two years I spent time building Servants of Knowledge initiative in collaboration of & Internet Archive and it has helped us digitize thousands of books in 12 indian languages. Kannada has seen a largest number of digitized books & magazines ever since we started our scans. Lets take a look at the quantum of data made available under Creative Commons & Public Domain. We shall look at the digitization impacts through various other FOSS projects built around Kannada in last one decade.

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Kannada and other indic wikipedia need references to enrich the content across subjects. The digitization is bringing out the much needed reference works. Especially around Science, Maths and literature. The community in India and aboard would be happy to see the new sources we are bringing in online and collaborate further to enhance the Open Knowledge initiatives.


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