Wikimedia and Libraries User Group/Annual Report/2019-20

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Summary of Activities[edit]

Participation in #1Lib1Ref[edit]

In May, the user group hosted three separate "office hours" sessions. Sessions were held across time zones to ensure opportunities for global participation. The time was used in....

  • demonstrating how to add citations
  • explaining he importance of Wikipedia and Wikidata to libraries and librarians
  • giving an overview of resources for teaching / coaching library colleagues in editing skills
  • introducing the Wikipedia Library and how people can join it

Resources document[edit]

A major effort during this time period was the development of our Resource document.


We maintain a portal on Meta documenting the group's mission, activities, governance, resources, contacts, and membership. It includes links to the related Facebook Group (over 2,300 members), the group's mailman list, our Twitter Account, @WikiLibraryUG. Steering committee members use a Google Group and also Discord for communications.


We plan to hold elections in 2021

Ongoing meetings and activities[edit]

The steering committee has meets once a month to discuss the happenings of the user group. We discuss how the group can be well represented in the Wikimedia Conference, Wikimania and allied efforts such as Wikicite.